"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Remember that old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he hits a little Indian man in the face with a snowball? The confused Indian asks Bugs Bunny, "Snow? In July? How can you make'um snowball in July?" And Bugs Bunny answers, "Well ya see, Doc, it's too cold to make 'em in the winter time."

Well, that's the way I looked at it this past week. While a blizzard covered Bucks County, I wasn't outside in the cold building a snowman, I was warm and toasty inside carving them out of wood!

Inspired by the thoughts of Valentine's Day, I carved this little aqua and pink snowman sitting on top of a vintage wood spool.

The little fellow is three inches tall and holds a Valentine in his hands. I added alittle sparkle to his heart.

The wood spool is so vintagey isn't it?! I wrapped old sheet music around it with the words, "L'Amour" (French for Love) and "French" on the other side. I then wrapped silver tinsel around the top and bottom and dusted it with old silver glitter.

Finally, I added a piece of old off-white lace around his neck as a scarf. I never can decide which is more fun, carving, painting, or embellishing!

Next, I carved a snowman (or snowwoman!) wrapped inside a comfy quilt.

Aqua, pale green, pink, and lavendar all complement each other well in this shabby chic quilt. I added tiny little hearts in honor of St. Valentine's Day.

I used pale pink antique applique flowers to accent the quilt and give it more texture. I don't usually do this with wood carvings as I prefer to keep wood in its natural form. But, I couldn't resist the colors, feel, and look of these 80 year old flowers!

Still wanting more texture and eye candy, I mounted the snowman on an old children's block, wrapped it with vintage music and added the word, "My Love." Fake snow and diamond dust gives it a frosty look.

I finished the piece by aging it slightly with antiquing medium.

Both will be available on Etsy. Stay warm!


  1. They are both so cute Jill! You are very skilled with a carving knife. I carved things back when I was in college but haven't done anything since. The things I carved were cute but I was always carving myself too, lol! Stay warm, xxoo Nan

  2. Youve made the sweetest little snow people! I love the valentine one!!
    stay warm!!

  3. You know how I LOVE your carvings! These are as awesome as usual!!!

  4. I'm loving the music paper!

    And, yes, "gnarly" is a regular part of the vernacular around here :)

  5. Are you trying to give me heart failure???? Way tooooo cute to absorb in one post!

    I'm so tired tonight from going strong from sun up to down...I can hardly keep my eyes open but I see these are the frosting on the cake!
    Adorable Jill! They should sell in a wink!

  6. You are killing me with cuteness....don't stop.....I made a snowman on a spool too, will have to show you when I figure out how!!! hugs...cleo

  7. Sweet Jill,
    Are you kidding me?? Your talent is amazing! That snowman is way too cute. I can`t wait to see your next creation!
    Stay warm....

  8. Jill.... Jill .....Jill.... all I can say is Hooley Dooley! OMGosh! you have hands of Gold!
    These are just so bloody cute i luv them Matey! You are on a roll for 2011!! Sending you some warmth from Downunder!