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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Linked to my Etsy Shop!!

Looks like I FINALLY figured out how to post a link to my Etsy Shop. If you'd like to stop by and visit me there, click on the word "Etsy" below.


I've been adding more vintage items to my little boutique and have been trying to squeeze time in to personalize it more. Hopefully, I'll have more time once the holidays are over and we hibernate for winter.

As always, FREE Shipping to my American comrades!

I'd gladly ship internationally, but would need to communicate with the buyer beforehand to figure out shipping costs.

My goal is to fill my shop with both vintage treasures and original hand-carved, needle-felted and sculpted pieces. Restoring and salvaging vintage items that would otherwise have been thrown away, allows me to incorporate the old with the new into my folk art. It creates a time-worn appearance in my work, which is just what I'm after!

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  1. Jill! I 'm emailing you right now about the sidebar!