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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hand-Carved Shabby-Chic Santa Claus!!

My house is a mess. I'm supposed to be baking Christmas cookies. My art room looks like a bomb went off. But my creative side won't let me be! Oh, how she torments my soul! OK. A wee bit dramatic, but I'm trying to get my point across. Work with me people!

"Just let me finish this one last thing," I keep telling myself.

My finished piece is a 9 3/4 inch hand-carved Santa trying to warm himself up in an old quilt.

Three rusted safety pins are stuck through the vintage quilt, adding to its primitive appeal.

I had a few old quilts to choose from to drape over Santa Claus. I chose this one because of its colors - pink, pale lavender, white, green, blue stripes and flowers make him oh so shabby chic!

I like to think Mrs. Claus quilted him this long, long ago and its traveled with him for many years, keeping him warm on his sleigh.

He's up for auction on Ebay, though I'm honestly debating whether to keep him for myself!


  1. Jill you are so talented! Ive never seen anything like this. You can tell it's made with love by the way you bring these little characters to life,Don't worry about the cookies!!!.... just keep creating!XxX

  2. God Bless Mrs. Claus for her hard work in making this time worn quilt for her dear husband. The women is amazing how she bakes and quilts and feeds all those reindeer plus loving her husband so much.
    YOU are my Mrs. Claus...amazing Jill...beautiful Santa. I love him!

  3. He is awesome Jill! I would have to keep him for myself!

  4. Oh how clever! Love the rusty pins!! You know Jill it's so great you've got your mojo back!! Your kickin out some pretty cool stuff!! Mrs Claus has pretty good taste there with the colors of the quilt!!! XO Love, Fran.

  5. Oh my gosh, the details on this Santa's face are beautiful! I have so enjoyed looking through your Christmas creations posts. Your soul is that of an artist! I was in awe of your mantle! Oh my gosh! the pixies climbing trees! It's amazing! Your Christmas trees is so beautifuk, but I think the photo that stole my heart was that of your daughter with her own little tree eating a cookie! Memories forever! Have a good week ahead! Elizabeth

  6. Hi Sweet Jill!
    Mr. Claus is sure all bundled up for a long winter!
    Did I tell you I was born in Pa and graduated high school there? Small world.
    I`ve had some friends comment about your beautiful talent- I hope your sales go through the roof!
    Kim :0)

  7. Hi Jill!
    That Santa is awesome. I love his expression and what a wonderful job of carving. You are one talented lady.I can understand how it would be difficult to let him go to a new home.