"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas in New York!

A chill in the air. The hustle and bustle of shoppers flurrying from shop to shop. Twinkling lights and the smell of hot pretzels on the street corner. There's just something romantic about Christmas in the city.

Despite my being uncomfortable in large crowds and big cities, NYC has been calling me. I've always wanted to take my kids there for Christmas and this year, without hesitation, we planned it. My friend Beth, lives in Jersey City, right by NYC, and knows the area well. We drove up Saturday afternoon and with Ted's driving skills, Beth's knowledge of the city, and me sitting in the backseat where my heart wasn't coming out of my chest, we headed out.

Our very firt stop - The Tinsel Trading Company!

I had heard of this store from other bloggers and knew it was a place I needed to visit. Can you see why?

Walls of ribbons, glittered ornaments, and pink bottle brush trees abounded.

It was pure eye-candy!

While my eyes took in the scenery, Dean Martin sang Christmas carols in the background. That's when it hit me. "I'm REALLY in New York City for Christmas!"

Beth couldn't take her eyes off all the ribbons.

Some of the stores decorated their shops so beautifully.

Next, we were on our way to see the Macy's windows. I'd never done this before, so was really excited for the experience.

The theme for the windows this year is, "Yes Virginia, There IS a Santa Claus."

Daddy hoisted Nic up on his shoulders for a better look.....

while Mary squeezed through the crowds for a closer look.

Apparently, almost every decoration in the windows was created solely in paper.

A voice told the story while different scenes popped up.

With so much to see, how could you focus on just one thing?

Streams of streetlights...even stoplights blink of bright red and green...as the shoppers rush home with their treasures.

Next, it was onto Rockefeller Center to see the amazing Christmas tree.

At first, police on their horses got more attention than the tree!

We underestimated how crazy with people this area would be, so we chose to stay on just one side of the street, rather than risk getting crushed in the crowds!

While walking, we came upon an Arts Festival, filled with fabulous vendors. In the middle of it all was an iceskating rink for those courageous enough to try.

By 6 pm we found ourselves an Italian restaurant off the beaten path, and had a good hot dinner.

By this time, it'd gotten bitterly cold and the thought of walking 10 blocks back to the car wasn't exactly appealing. That was ok though; Beth knew another way. So, Mary and Nicolai got their first ride on a New York subway.

Back to Beth's house for some homemade Christmas cookies. Chocolate chocolate-chip, Oatmeal-Raisin, and Oatmeal chocolate chip with some ice cold Coke was the perfect way to finish off the day. Rather than worrying about making a two-hour trip home, we had already planned to stay the night at Beth and Karl's.

The next morning, the kids got us up bright and early and had us making Gingerbread cookies by 10 am. But, that's ANOTHER story!


  1. I'm so glad that you got to experience NYC for Christmas Jill. There is truly nothing else like it. I understand your nervousness; I was overwhelmed the first time I went! I've been to the city many times since then and can't get enough of it. It just feels magical there :)

  2. Oh Jill a trip to New York City!! It is my dream to go there!!! Once again you are the coolest Jill!! I got to see some sights through you, Ted and the kids! And "THE TINSEL TRADING COMPANY"? OH my to much to handle!! Did you buy anything there? So glad you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing!! Love ya, Fran. XO

  3. Thank you for including us in your trip, that was truly exciting!!! How can you not feel merry with all that glitter and twinkling....what fun!!! hugs...cleo

  4. Oh I'm so jealous girl friend! I've wanted to go to NY City during the holidays for quite some time now and especially the Tinsel Trading Co.! Good for you I'm glad you got the opportunity to go.

  5. Oh, it looks like you had a magical time!!! NYC at Christmas is so special!! The windows around town are always a favorite of mine since I was little!!your kids will never forget their first trip!! Tinsel Trading.... Beautiful, as usual!! Xoxo

  6. What a magical experience! I enjoyed seeing the city from the warmth of in front of my computer :)

  7. That looked like a great experience. I'm not a crowd person either. I've only been to NYC once for a wedding in June. Crowded then too. I'd love to see the store windows and tree.

  8. WoW I got GooSe BuMps reading that post, I spent Christmas there many moons ago and it was amazing! Sure would love to visit Tinsel Trading Co, looks awesome! I bet you could go crazy there $$$$$$$.
    Your pictures brought back lots of memories.
    Thank You Jill!

  9. Jiller! A perfect day! I think we should make it an annual tradition. :) XO, Bether