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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Altered Alpine Village

You may remember a few posts back, where I was debating what to do with two sets of vintage Alpine Villages. Part of me felt like I should keep the sets original, while the other part of me wanted to have FUN. Guess which part won?!

Although our entire house, including the dog, look as though they've been caught in a Twister of pixie dust, I think it was all worth it.

There are 8 cottages and 2 churches in this village. I added fake snow to each and dusted them all with glitter for more eye appeal.

I love the pastel colors in the set - Yellow, Pink, Green/Teal, and Blue.

Each cottage is unique. There are too many ideas to make the same thing twice!

Santas, carolers, snowmen, and choir boys.

I can't explain the satisfaction I have when recreating old pieces into something fresh and new.

Although I'm using vintage materials, they're each given entirely new looks.

An old decoration is completely reworked into a glitzy modern piece that still echoes bygone times.

My nimble fingers work quickly, but my eyes grow tired working with such delicate miniatures.

Building tiny scenes easily lets my imagination wander into this miniature world.

Some people tell me they'd never have the patience to work on such a small scale, but I welcome the challenge......

and am thrilled with the results.

These are all being shared in my Etsy shop.

I'll be taking a break from my art studio until January to devote more time for Christmas preparations. (I also feel like I have so much to blog about and catch up on other's blogs. I miss reading them!) I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks away! There's so much to do. I've got to get moving and fast - Feet don't fail me now!


  1. These are precious...nice job!!!! Yes, I also have to put all this crafting aside...only 12 days left!!! have a happy.....cleo

  2. OMGosh Jill!! they are so cute! I just found a little nativity at the thrift shop I think I'm going to glam it up a bit! it's time Jesus gets some Bling and Glitter! thanks for the inspiration!
    Hooley Dooley it's nearly CHRISTMAS & I am running out of time!!!

  3. Wow Jill! More awesomeness(if that is a word! lol) I will miss you but Christmas is right around corner that's for sure!! Have lot's of fun with your family. Show us pics of all your cuteness I know you'll be up to for yourself!! Take care, dear friend. Give Mary a hug for me. Love ya, Fran. XOXO

  4. Hey Frannie,
    I'm not going anywhere! I just need to take time away from my art studio. I haven't been able to read my favorite blogs and miss seeing all the fun and creativeness of everyone else.

    Plus, there's still so much to write about!

  5. Hi Sweet Jill,
    I just adore these little cottages! You certainly have the talent for this! Have fun with your family during this season and I`ll be looking forward to seeing what you`ll be coming up with next year!
    Kim :0)

  6. Im heading into that oh my goodness theres only 2 weeks left christmas panic mode myself !! Love what you did with your little village.. very cute!
    I hope you get everything you need to do done with ease and no stress!
    have a great week

  7. Hi Sugar!
    I've missed you too but somehow I know (and remember) how wild Christmas is when you have little kids at your feet. I was not worried about you at all, I understand so don't feel any pressure at all...I'm not going anywhere...promise!

    My tree is full of the little vintage victorian cottages and you have given me lots of ideas. I'd love to have a little pretty hutch to keep mine out all year. I love them way too much to only enjoy them a short time each year.

    Isn't our mutual friend Fran so sweet. She is so kind and overflowing with love. I see her talking to you all the time and she is one of my favorite bloggers too.

    Did I tell you I made it to your Etsy shop. I have not quite figured out how to shop but I'd like to. Money is going out of my hands so quick this month...paid all the bills but Christmas is calling and I've only started my shopping for family. Cards are done and tree is up etc..but still have to buy for Len and the three kids and a couple of girlfriends, one wife!

    O bed, O bed, delicious bed that calls my name to rest my weary head...night night, sleep tight!

  8. Jill~ You too are just amazing all the detail you put in your Work, thank you for the sweet comments about my work. Love having Blog friends like you . Happy Holidays, Diane

  9. Hi... I love your cottage...your REAL one...so lovely. My hubby is from PA so when I saw Bucks county, I had to come and meet you. You've given me the idea to take my old village and glitter, glitter, glitter it to a fare-the-well. I made some new houses/village this year if you'd like to see, please come and visit me. I'd love to share my creations with you and get to know you. Happy Holidays...xoso Sandy