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Monday, November 29, 2010

Whoops! Looks Like Santa Lost Something.....

It could have been worse...it could have been his Chestnuts!

Well, we did some decking the halls this past week. Here's my favorite little Adirondack tree we keep in our bedroom.

The only ornaments I decorate this tree with are hand-made ones. Currently, they're all carved by me and wood carving friends.

I used to have needle-felted elves, Santas, and snowmen on this tree, but my daughter Mary claimed them as her own.

One day, this tree will be completely filled with carvings. I like to do one a year for each of my children.

I'm lucky to have other cute little carvings friends have sent me like penguins and Santa faces carved right out of dried branches.

I thought I'd try something totally different this year and decorated my mantle with vintage Knee-Hugger Elves, angels, and flocked Santas!

It was so much fun! After adding greenery and lights, I added all the little guys, peeking out from the greens and sitting on top of the tree branches.

Some are from Ted's grandmother, some are gifts, but most I found thrifting and antiquing.....all for a song.

A few years ago, I hated all the old plastic ornaments and thought they were "tacky." Maybe nostalgia hit me, but I just started collecting them and saw them in a whole new light.

My mom barely remembers having these. As a child, I used to like playing with them. Funny, the things people remember and forget.

It's like I have my own little forest of elves!

I let the kids do most of the tree decorating. They're getting so much better. I used to find 5 ornaments loading down a single branch. And of course, they're little hands could only reach half way up the tree so while the bottom of the tree was packed, the top was bare.

Mary and Nic were given a little 3-foot Christmas tree from their Poppy and Busha. Here they are lugging it into their bedroom to decorate.

Mary taking a break from decorating to eat a big piece of fried chicken and relax with a good book.

Later, Daddy, Nic, and Blue made themselves cozy as well!

Now to focus on the Christmas cookies!


  1. LOVE the tree with all the carved ornaments, that is very special. And your mantle, OH MY, I'm swooning over that! Love all those little knee huggers.

  2. You have me so Jolly I could tumble in the snow...OH JILL! This is an awesome post and I love your home and children and that sweet puppy dog...what's his/her name again? Hunk of a hubby too!

    I had a real belly laugh about those chestnuts...I mean I really laughed and so did Len. He said, who is this women? That's my Jill I said...he laughed hard too. You are so fun!

    How can I ever find words to even appreciate your folk art? I can't and the vintage elves..and Santa and everyone. My goodness women...it's getting to the point I can hardly stand coming here! Ha...it's makes me so giddy!

    YOU ended Goodies Paper Parade...come see, come see. Now I really really want to come and visit you one day!

    Off to be an elf...the store is so busy...back to the Wilton Baking isle and scrapbooking isle today for me...box cutter and price gun, away I go...

  3. Oh Jill awesome awesome! Love the mantel!! I too loved those little elfs as a kid. I use to get them as presents on boxes of candy from my Daddy. Do you remember that? Probably where a few came from. Old candy boxes. I knew Jackie would love this post! I too thought the chestnut thing was hilarious! Only you Jill! LOL Your family is adorable! XO Fran.

  4. Isn't bringing out the handmade stuff the best?