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Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowmen Shakers for St. Mary's Hospital

As much as I don't want to rush the Fall, I'm starting to think snow!

Our local hospital hosts a Christmas Bazaar that I've been contributing to for the past 3 years. Each year I like to try something different. After the fun I had creating JOL shakers, I thought I'd try some snowmen.

These were made with paper-mache balls that I covered in "Rigid Wrap" and clay to form cheekbones and noses. I then drilled a hole and added dried beans so they could be used as shakers. Some painting and decorating and there ya have it!

The money earned from these will go towards the St. Mary Volunteer Dept. This is a group of women who use their time and talents to make afghans for patients and hand-crochet caps for those who lose their hair to chemotherapy. They also create "dignity blouses" for women who undergo radiation and discreet cushions for women who are sore from having a Lumpectomy or Mastectomy.

While I was totally impressed with the amount of blouses, cushions, afghans, and caps these women spent creating, it was also sad to think about the reason they were all being made. It was heartbreaking to think they'll most likely all get used.

So what do you think? Should I tell the volunteers to make sure and rattle those shakers whenever small children walk by? It may be a dirty trick to get the parents to buy one, but hey, if the child's happy, there's a pretty good bet the parent will be too. Am I right?!


  1. I'd love some info on the bazaar; I've never heard that they did that. Great job Jill, those are really cute!

  2. When you put your hands to work girl, you make the most wonderful things. I love them! I would shake, rattle and roll them...I'd jump rope with them, skip, jump on the bed with them...and if I could really pull it together maybe I could hula with them...
    GO for it, and a awesome thing to do for others.
    Love you..snowed in! My poor gnomes, I hope they can breathe under the snow. I have to go to work for only 4 hrs. It's only a mile away but I'm one scared chicken in the snow.
    Cheers to snow cones~Jackie

  3. Beautiful shakers Jill!! You really can put out the goodies!! I feel so blessed to have your Halloween shaker. Have a good week. XO Fran.

  4. Hi Jill! Did you click on the websites I posted of your blog and etsy? It really does take you there! Even your Etsy! I was so excited I did it! But I couldn't get my post to copy your pics over of Mary and the shaker! That's why I have the boring one from my cell phone!! LOL I even tried to get the pink Christmas tree one to go on, but no! Darn it! Well have a good night. XO Love, Fran.

  5. Cute and HAPPY, Jill! And good marketing ;-)

  6. Thanks Ev. I suppose it would be good marketing, but whenever I've donated something, it's been anonymous. Maybe I should rethink that for next year!

  7. I am so in love with your shakers! The ones with the little fedoras are over the top! Your endless stream of creativity is wonderful to watch unfold on your blog. Keep sharing!!!! E