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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Hand-Carved Santa Vintage Spools

The irony of my love affair with carving old wood spools is that they're one of the last things in the world I would ever have used. You see, when it comes to sewing, I have no skills. Despite my best efforts, I still can't even thread a sewing machine!

So, I play the hand I'm dealt. I may not be a seamstress, but I sure can wield a knife!

I'm so grateful to the mind-set of the Depression-era folk. Because of their frugality, the old wood spools were saved from rotting in the landfills, allowing me the joy of repurposing them into Christmas ornaments.

As I chip away, I can't help but wonder about the life of this old spool. Where did it come from? What was it used for? Maybe a young wife used it to help mend a pair of pants for her husband. Or maybe an exasperated mom sewed yet ANOTHER patch onto her son's knee. Could it have been used in a quilting bee?

By the time my kids are old enough to move out on their own, they'll each be handed a box full of handcrafted ornaments to get them started on their very first Christmas. These simple wooden spools may someday be adorning the trees of my great-great-grandchildren. How could that not warm my heart?

There are still plenty of spools to be carved! If you're interested in purchasing any of these, you can do so at my store, Bucks County Folk art, found on Etsy.com.

Lots more blogging to come!


  1. These are wonderful!!! So fun. And I love the rusty bell no the second one. Nice rustic touch :)

  2. Oh Jill so glad to see you have your mojo back!! Awesome spools and great story. I love my Mrs Claus and have her up on my hutch waiting for me to decorate for Christmas!! XO Fran.

  3. wow Jill, these are really awesome. I love them. YOu have a great talent! I really dont think I could do that.
    thanks for sharing your craft with us.
    have a great night

  4. These are absolutely wonderful!!!! You are very talented, and have great eyesight....those spools are small!!! Love your writing too. I have my mom's old spools and my own in a huge canning jar....have made ornies out of some similar to yours, but never wood carving!!! keep crafting...hugs to you...cleo

  5. Those are so beautiful! I especially like the one with the bottle brush tree. I can't wait to use the one you sent me for Christmas!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. The auction was so amazing, the house valued at four million dollars ended up being bought back by the owners because they couldn't get the bidding up past $410,000. They made a killing though on their stuff. We spent a little over $150 and came home with a mini van full.....good times!

    :) Michelle

  6. Jill... these are EVER so cool!!!! So unique and individual. LOVE them!!

  7. Jill! I love that you're thinking ahead to these being enjoyed for generations!