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Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Halloween Decorations, Findings, and Fun!!

Now that my nightmare is behind me and I'm recuperating from frayed nerves, I wanted to share with you some of the GOOD times this Fall has brought me.

A trip to my favorite thrifting haunt scored me some vintage Dennison Halloween decorations, still unopened in their original packaging! My dilemma is whether I want to open it! The cost? $1.50!

Two old Jack o'Lanterns. The waving blow-mold was $3.50 while the candy container was $1.50.

I found the cutest McCalls patterns for 25 cents each. I don't care about the costume patterns; it was the images I was after!

Feel free to copy the images for your scrapbooking/tag-making enjoyment!

Aren't they cute?!

The wonderful Melissa at: http://www.honeygirlstudiojewelry.blogspot.com/(why can't I ever do a link right?) contacted me to tell me the good news that I won her give-away! This absolutely ADORABLE Fall Harvest key necklace came just a few days later. My daughter, Mary has claimed it as her own.

I experimented with two new mediums - air-hardening clay and Rigid Wrap, to make this vintage-style black cat. I wasn't crazy about this specific clay as it dried quickly and formed cracks all over the cat. However, it didn't matter because once it dried, I covered it with Rigid Wrap, which is strips of paper covered in plaster. You wet it, and apply it to the piece. LOVE IT!! It's FAST becoming one of my favorite mediums! Of course, painting and decorating the cat with his party hat and crepe paper collar just added to the fun!

Everyone in Bucks County has been enjoying some gorgeous Fall weather. We took advantage of it one morning by taking the kids pumpkin picking.

They couldn't decide between round, fat ones or long skinny ones. We got a couple of each!

Last, but certainly not least, is our latest score. Ted rescued these from being thrown into a dumpster! What a WASTE that would have been! I'm using three of them in my art studio. I haven't decided exactly what I want to use them for, but without a doubt, every drawer will be filled!


  1. Wow I am SO jealous! SUCH a good find-er...another BLOW MOLD?~?~ SHEESH! And of COURSE you should open and USE the vintage decorations! What a wonderful treasure!

    You are having a lucky streak...and winning the harvest necklace? Wow...just send some of it over this way, won't you?

    Hugs and happy shopping!

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well! And yes you have found some wonderful treasures. I think the hand made cat is just perfect! Hugs & Kisses, Diane

  3. Hey Treasure Hunting Friend!
    Your cat turned out great! So vintage-e looking! Love it! Have you ever tired PaperClay? It's an air dry clay that does not crack with it dries, the secret is to keep wetting your finger tips when sculpting with it. Thanks for the shout out. When you are typing your post, you can link by highlighting the words you want in the post and then click on the link (the two chain links) above the text box and type in the URL.

  4. As always Jill you scored some cool stuff!! I so want to go with you someday!! I love hose images on the patterns! How would I copy them? That may seem weird but remember I'm learning this computer stuff! I am praying right now that I have not messed up my whole blog and lost everything! Gonna go to bed and see what tomorrow brings! Still prasing God for you!! Love ya, Fran. XO

  5. Jill, you know what I am drooling over? The storage! I wish I could find one of those... heck, I'd love to just find one for sale. You busted me before -- I had seen Hoarders just before organizing our stock room! Now my eye is always peeled for ways to stay organized :)

    Your party cat is so charming!


  6. Thanks Jill for the info! I do know how to do that. I get it now. You just cut the picture right? and I guess I still do have my blog! lol I was worried. Thanks again, and you know I can almost hear the joy in your voice!! Yay! XO Fran.

  7. Lucky girl! Isn't it thrilling to find such treasure?