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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Halloween Card to Share

I may not have any Halloween tricks up my sleeve, but here's a treat for you.

Knowing how many of you enjoy creating with vintage Halloween images, here is an adorable black cat for you to play with. If you zoom in on the picture, you can see that on the original card, the cat's fur is actually black flocking. Sweet!



  1. Came home from work tonight and parked my broom outside. Set up my little tree and the mini's and read my Mother Goose book. Thanks again for spoiling me Jill. I love it all, the card too and the little tin...and the Jesus pin too. It all made me feel so loved by you. I just feel so blessed to be blogging and meeting you. God had it all in his greater plan, I just know it.

    Yes, I cashier at Michaels but mainly I'm used to unpack all the merchandise. I'm in a different location daily. Today it was the bead isle (not my thing...took me forever to feel like I got anywhere) and I also did kids crafts today and stocked all that. I have been allowed to build one display so far. They have a system and reason to everything and its all very calculated in time and space but it is fun to be there.

    It is much harder work then what folks might think. It's very physical and my arm is still hurting. I'm popping a couple of Tylenol daily to help out.

    So tired tonight...ordered pizza and hot wings for dinner and I have a day off tomorrow. Plan to meet my friend Brenda...she has something up her sleeve I will share with you after I meet her.

  2. What a cute image Jill! TFS, Nan

  3. What a cute cat!! I love vintage Halloween images!



  4. A hug sent from Jack to Jill. Happy November. IF I could go over the river and through the woods, I'd come straight to your house this month.
    Long live our friendship! This week is catch up week for me...I have news...will email you.

  5. What a sweet kitty! I can think of lots of places to use him. Thank you!

  6. Hey Jill!
    What a cute kitty! Hope all is well, haven't heard from you in a while. When will you be coming to visit your husband's aunt and uncle?
    I want to make sure we can meet for coffee!