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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Sweets and Treats!

A Halloween party for a group of 7-year-olds. This shouldn't be so hard.

I figure lots of sweets should do the trick.

A cornucopia of sticky caramels......

Cookies, brownies, Peeps, and colorful marshmallows...

Another mom brought orange and purple cupcakes and apple juice....

Let's not forget ghosts.....

And candy corn Autumn mix!

I don't think the 7-year-olds gave a hoot, but I loved my little cherubs!

The weather that day was gorgeous, but windy, so most of the games were played inside. I painted a picture of Snoopy on a piece of foamboard and cut out the jack o'lantern mouth. The girls were able to win prizes by throwing bean bags into its mouth.

We made paper doll witches using the girls' own faces I printed out from the school yearbook. Later, I had them wrap gauze around chenille stems with wood heads to make their own Halloween mummies.

The girls won more prizes playing a ring toss, which looked much easier than it really was! I also had them guess how many pieces of candy were in a jar and the closest to the answer won the jar of candy.

While two of the girls chose to stay inside to make caramel apples, all the others ran outside to play for the rest of the party. And after a few hours of hearing the high-pitched, ear-piercing squeals of seven 7-year-old-girls, I comforted myself with some left-over cookies.


  1. The ghost in candy corn! I must remember that idea for our upcoming celebration! What a cute party! Elizabeth

  2. What a fun party! Your table looked yummy, but then, I love PEEPS in any shape! :) Have a great week, Nan

  3. I want to be seven and do it all over again. I'd come to the party!

    This fun Halloween adventure reminds me of when I was a little girl. Many a party was given around our coffee table. The woods were so wet and it was so dark outside. The wind would howl through the big fir trees and we'd be scared silly...out of our wits but the fun of it all!

    Happy week ahead Jill. Thinking of you! Today I posted on Jacqueline and the Seven Dwarfs...my cute little men!

  4. Looks like a great time! :)

  5. What a great party, Jill! The snoopy game is SO awesome!

  6. Cute, cute party!! You went all out!!