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Saturday, October 23, 2010


FRANNIE from thebagglady.blogspot.com! Congratulations, Fran!

Yesterday, I had Mary close her eyes while I danced the JOLs in front of her hands. This was the one she picked. Hope you like him!

I picked the names the old-fashioned way. I wrote down the names, folded them, and put them in a JOL. I tried to get Nic to pick one, but at 7:20 on a Saturday morning, he wasn't too happy with me.

That's ok. I'll go harrass my other one. WAKE UP, MARY!!

Can you just sense the excitement in her face?

Can I go back to sleep now?


  1. OMG!! Jill I am so excited!! Something just told me to come and check!! I was watching Football Hall of Fame with Sim!! Give a great big hug and kiss to Mary for me!! Oh I'm so excited!! I'll be watching for the mail!! YAY!!! Give Nic a hug too.He's a boy and they don't really get in to this stuff so early in the morning!!! Thanks again. Love ya, XO Frannie

  2. Awesome that Fran won. She is one lucky girl...she takes the cake and the pumpkin too!

  3. Smart gal, waking an INNOCENT CHILD from her sleep to draw the name! You KNOW we can't be upset with THAT!?! LOL! Congrats, Fran...I'll try not to be bitter!

    Speaking of bitter (HA!) I found a vintage Halloween blo-mold at the Nashville, TN Flea Market! WOOT! For a mere $7.50! (Certainly the "bargain of the day", as the rest of them were more along the lines of $25-$60!) HOORAY! SO no trade necessary...unless I can find a way to pry one of these remaining shakers out of your hands!?!

  4. Congrats to Fran! Mary picked a sweet one! What a good sport :)