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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remembering 45s

Remember 45s? In order to listen to them, we'd have to attach a little yellow thingy in the middle of the record player. What were those yellow thingies called? Come to think of it...remember record players? They used needles, rather than lasers.

I remember listening to 45s like these on a child's record player. We had to be careful not to break the needle or warp the records. Sometimes the needle would collect dust, causing the record to skip.

I found this Mickey Mouse record in its original, unopened package. Its got a picture of all the original Mousketeers on the back.

Who could forget Popeye?! He's strong to the finich cuz he ate his spinach, he's Popeye the sailor man! Who else was there? Olive Oil, Sweet Pea, Brutus, and Whimpy who always ate hamburgers!

CDs sound so much clearer than records; but for those who remember actually putting a piece of vinyl onto a turntable to hear the music, isn't there just something special about it? Remember the sound of the needle against the record? The background noise always sounded something like this...chhhh....chhhhh....chhhhhhh.

My sister owned so many Beatles records that sell for hundreds today. Oh, if we only knew then what we know now!


  1. I used to love playing these in the corner of the living room!! Fun memories!

  2. So much fun! And they're fun to look at too- you should frame the sleeves in a collage! ;)
    Surprisingly (or not) I still play records like that for my kids!

  3. I still have mine and my kids~~ Love the memories~

  4. I have two Bobby Sherman 45's. Oh yes, the sound...how special they were to spin a record. The little thingy in the middle is very hard to find now a days. Lucky you!

    Had my second day as a cashier today and my feet are so tired but I really enjoyed it. I only trained for about 15 minutes and then they tossed me into a checkstand. 7 hrs...but I had fun. It was really cool seeing what people were making.

    Off to the Land of Nod.
    ~Smiling and waving from Washington...Jackie!

  5. My husband and I still have our albums from our teenage years. We've played a few songs for our kids proving the songs they like are re-makes. Thanks for the memories!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your darling Vintage Charm treasures.

  7. Yes, I sure do remember those, loved them. I actually have a record player like that and I have a drawer full of LPs that have old songs and music on them, I love it!