"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


On a whim today, I drove to the Senior Citizen Center's flea market. Look what I got for a mere $10!!

I was hoping to find some Halloween decorations and felt my eyes grow wide when I spotted these vintage blow-molds on a top shelf. How much? 25 cents each!

Have you ever tried to buy mushroom birds at the craft store? They're EXPENSIVE! How lucky am I to have gotten so many birds for pennies?

When I spotted a black bag filled with craft supplies, I just started grabbing. Everything was stored in ziplock bags and I just took the bags, not really looking at what was inside. I figured for the price, it was worth the risk! And exciting too, not knowing what treasures awaited me when I got home! This little penguin is adorable!

Among the craft supplies were a few bags full of doll parts, many still in their packages. I don't work with dolls so I'm sure these will be listed on Etsy at one point.

More doll hair! I can use this for my needle-felting characters.

Isn't this wrapping paper cute? I especially like the prairie girl wrap.

I'm hosting a "Harvest Moon Party" this October for family and friends. Won't these be cute for holding treats?

Oooooooo! This was a very unexpected score! I bought a bag full of what looked like cheap vintage beads because they had some very cute mini strawberries in the bag (pictured below). Turns out, the beads are actually old mercury glass, not cheap plastic!

Aren't these little strawberries sweet?

I have no idea why this picture is turned around. I have it stored correctly. Bizarre! Anyway, this vintage charm jewelry set is still in its original, unopened box. Every Christmas, I love to intermix vintage toys with the new. Not surprisingly, some of their favorite toys and the ones that last are the old toys. This will be waiting for Mary under the Christmas tree, along with an old tin "Peanuts" top for Nic.

I LOOOOVE Richard Scary! I found 2 packs of these 1998 party favors of Huckle and Lowly Worm. How appropriate for the party that they're orange!

A big orange table cloth and suede ribbon will be very fitting for the party. I also found a plastic black Halloween tablecloth I'm sure we could put to use.

A box FULL of vintage Christmas lights! $4.00 for the box!

I'm not sure the stringed lights work, but for $4.00, I was willing to risk it! They're so chunky!

One never knows what treasures await!

Use it Up.
Wear it Out.
Make it Do.
Or do Without!


  1. Wow, Jill, you made out like a bandit! Such a wonderful treasure haul! The blow molds are my favorites - very cool. Congrats!!

  2. OH JILL, I WANT TO GO SHOPPING WITH YOU SO BAD!!!!!! YOU ALWAYS FIND THE COOLEST STUFF!! Senior Citizens sales are one of my favs to go to. Thanks for the great compliment on my dresses. Yes it is time for surgery again. But I've got some new patterns I just drew out and thought up, so I'll have something to do in a few days!! I'm gonna try to hand sew them. IF they turn out I'll post them! LOL Think up-cycled prim pumpkins!!! That's what I'm calling them!! Oh and I want to come to your party too!! Take care, XO Fran.

  3. OMG!!! The mercury beads are to die for!!! How do you always find all these great things?!?!? ..... and again ..... where are you putting it all!?!?! lol!! Can't wait to see what all you do with it and really can't wait for the Harvest Moon party!!

  4. You lucky ducky! By the way, I think the prairie girl paper is old Holly Hobbie. I think I had the same one but wrapped a gift in it and off it went.

    You really did hit a treasure pile for sure and very lucky on the mercury beads.

    Got your message about email. Mine is Matthew1039amen@yahoo.com I actually owe you a reply...over due...boo hoo. I'm home tomorrow...Tag, I'm it!

  5. I always see how well others do at finding treasures and how lucky they are, so it's funny to hear you say that about me!

    Like I said, this was on a total whim, so I'm just as surprised as any of you!

    The old women who work there laugh at my loving the vintage, which they just see as broken down and old!

  6. EEK! You're KILLING ME with you wonderful finds! The blo-molds alone were worth more than $10! WOW! My sister and I will be going to Indianapolis over the weekend to go flea marketing...hoping to score some equally FAB Halloween stuff! SO JEALOUS!

  7. Total fun! liking the photo journey ~
    THX for sharing :)
    tea is on at my cafe - all welcome!

  8. Jill,

    You have the mojo for scoring great stuff! Those glass beaded strawberries are to die for. I've been slow making the blog rounds lately... Your Sock Hop is absolutely adorable! And Mary's pink cast fit right in with the color theme!

    Hope you're having a great start to fall!