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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nothing Gets Wasted on a Farm!

While visiting Uncle Dane and Aunt Candy on their farm in Western, PA, Mary and Nicolai had their first lesson in picking corn on the cob.

They learned how to pick a ripe cob and twist it off the stalk.

After filling a feed sack, they would sit and shuck the corn down by the barn. Dane, having also been a teacher for 30 years, taught them how to be good little farmers!

While the corn cobs were being stripped of their husks, the horses would peek out of the barn and watch us.

Once a pile of husks developed, they'd casually saunter over to the side of the fence and patiently wait for their crunchy treat.

We never knew horses ate corn cob husks!

Feeding the horses became a morning ritual, which also meant lots of corn on the cob for dinner! Candy showed me how to steam the extra cobs, cut all the corn away, and freeze it. Then the left-over empty cobs either got fed to the horses or added to the compost pile.

Dane also taught the kids how to pick and plant other vegetables. Because Mary picked the cucumber we had for dinner, it was the first time I could get her to try one. She said she liked it, but I think it was just all the Ranch dressing she had it smothered in.

Used as a learning tool, entertainment, exercise, nourishment for both animals and people, and recycled back into a compost pile...is there anything a vegetable garden isn't good for?!


  1. Hi Jill! I am so enjoying these farm posts! I have come looking for black crows and am overwhelmed by your sledders and their angels. The amount of work you put into the details of your figures makes them so very special. I don't know how you are ever able to part with them. I stopped in my tracks before finding the crows at the Tussie Mussies! These are in the running. I can picture these hanging from the back of my dinner chairs for my family. Wonderful idea! Be sure and check back Friday! Have a lovely holiday weekend! Elizabeth

  2. Wow looks like they had an awesome time!!!! Why don't you EVER jump in any pics!! Glad you are back on here! I was gone for Labor Day weekend to my folks cabin in Angel Fire where they have NO internet!!!! I was going crazy and almost missed this post! I have missed you on here:)

  3. Is that a picture of you Jill with the kids?
    It's so fun to see who we are actually talking to!
    I'm glad you are back, I've missed you.
    I'm off today to Seattle. Posted on some "Baby Goods" on my post.
    No time to chat, gotta get on the road but your in my heart, as always. NOT JUST SAYING THAT! wink!