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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back from the Farm


I admit, I've missed Blog Land, but there's nothing like fresh country air and clean country living to rejuvenate a weary soul. After a summer of dealing with a Vitamin D deficiency that left me exhausted and depleted of all energy, a week on the farm of Ted's Uncle Dane and Aunt Candy breathed new life into me.

There's so much to tell! I'll have to break it up into daily parts to try and have some sense of organization. Let's start with the animals!

Let me introduce you to George, Dancer and Dusty. You never realize how BIG a horse is until you're standing next to one!

Here's Ginger! This little spaz was my favorite! Oh, how she loved to be set free to run around and chase any little critter in sight. They also have a dog, Carley, who was a complete attention hog!

I never see such beautiful butterflies where I live.

Although Dane and Candy have had their share of sheep, these are actually borrowed to graze in their field. One morning, poor Candy had to run outside and chase them away. Apparently, they decided to eat her flowers for breakfast.

Up in the loft area of the barn is a huge pigeon coop, but the birds would somehow get out and fly all over the barn. I felt like I was a walking Bull's Eye.

Early one morning, Dane took Mary and Nic in the barn for the sweetest surprise! He found a mommy cat with two young kittens hiding behind a haystack in the loft.

The kids were so excited! We actually found another kitten, a little older than the other two. It was hard not to take him home!

Of course, what would a farm be without chickens? Every morning, the kids would wake up and follow Dane into the barn to gather brown eggs. They were so proud of themselves, they'd run back to the house with their baskets full of eggs. I'd just brace myself and grit my teeth, hoping they wouldn't trip! This is a picture of them peeking inside the chicken coop.

How do you like Dane's old wagon? It's lots of fun to ride....unless you're eight months pregnant. I found that out the hard way a few years back!

More to come!!


  1. Looks like everyone had some down on the farm fun!

  2. Jill, I am so glad to have you back in the neighborhood! I look forward to more posts about your visit to the farm. Each picture you have shared is just what I imagine a day on a farm would be like. The pigeons, the kittens, the horses, and cute little ones! What a wonderful break! Elizabeth

  3. What an adorable picture of you Jill with the kids!! You're looking good! I think living the farm life there for a few days did you well! Those kittens and momma cat are so precious! Wouldn't it be grand to wake up everyday to that kind of life! I think I could do that!! Looking forward to more pics and stories! Hope Mary's doing ok. XO Fran. PS I got a laugh out of your funny farm remark!! LOL

  4. Welcome back Jill! What a wonderful time on the farm. I've so enjoyed your pictures! The shot of the three of you is precious.