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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Antiquing, Yard Saling, & Scores!

While still at the farm, Candy and my family spent a little....OK, A LOT of time antique and yard sale hopping. One day, we had a stroke of luck while visiting a country store. The owner was having a yard sale the following morning, but invited Candy and I to come later that evening for some early pickins'!

Isn't this the sweetest little doll stroller?! Guess how much I paid? One dollar! My jaw dropped open and I snagged it. I can't help but thinking about all the little girls who treasured this gem.

If you're like me, you can appreciate the colors, images, and yes, even the rust! Mary didn't mind. She immediately used it for her stuffed animals and Dora doll.

I also made out like a bandit when it came to fabric! I bought beautiful, heavy toile in shades of yellow, black, cream, blue, green and red, all for next to nothing. I also picked out some gingham, plaid, Christmas, and Harvest-themed fabrics. The stuffed hearts were only 10 cents each!

When we got home, Candy told me she thought she had extra fabric that she wasn't using for me. Look at the smorgasbord of colors and patterns!

Candy also gave me a hatbox of little treasures she said she had been collecting for me. Inside was this old box of glass Christmas ornaments.

Under the ornaments were wonderful little bits and bobs I could use for making my folk art. The extra tiny pieces will be perfect for my Altoid Tin art.

It would not be a visit to Candy's without visiting her friend, Carol, who owns a shop just a few miles away. Carol spoils us with her prices and I NEVER leave without a few bags! Don't look at me that way....I'm just trying to help the economy.

These shabby-chic little pink and white vintage reindeer called to me from the shelves.

Being of vintage-mind, I could not pass up this old tree topper for one dollar!

Carol had four packs of these unopened flocked Santa sleighs just waiting for me.

My mind spins with all the ideas!

Candy showed me this sewing basket filled with old wood spools I could use for carving.

Friday morning, was the creme de la creme of yard sales! If you are an artist or crafter, you can imagine my excitement when we stopped at a woman's house who was selling nothing but craft supplies!

Three tables and at least a dozen huge tupperware bins packed with every supply you can imagine!

Ninety percent of the supplies were still in their unopened packages.

The woman used to be a crafter and bought out a craft store that was going out of business. Unfortunately for her, she had to stop crafting because of a spinal surgery. She was planning to move and just wanted to get rid of it all.

When they told us the price, I nearly fainted. Fill a bag for one dollar!!

I drove home with 10 bags!

Candy and I giggled and smacked each other all the way home.

But....would it all fit in the truck??

Ted said YES!

So we drove back and I filled ten more bags!

Mary filled three bags too. She was a girl on a mission!

It was without a doubt, the BEST yard sale EVER!


  1. Oh such fun I love those kind of sales when someone sells all their craft goodies, and the doll stroller is to die for great score! oxox, Diane

  2. Ok first question..... where in the world are you going to put all of this!?!? lol! I think that doll stroller may be worth a fortune! You should check it out. I can't wait to see what all you carve with all those spools:) You did hit the jackpot!

  3. Hey Shelley!

    Well, after three solid days of clearing out and reorganizing the basement, I found a spot for everything. I also slept VERY well!!

  4. Jill, that's definitely the score of the century!!

  5. Can I join the group of Jill, Candy and Carol. You are one fun bunch. What amazing finds Jill...eekkkk...I can hardly stand reading the post it's all do delicious and fun! What a kick off for crafts for you for the fall.
    I agree...the BEST garage sale ever!

  6. WOW! That is quite the haul! Avery has been busy with the things you gave her, creating a little house out of a box and dressing the dolls etc. I really love that box of thread spools, so pretty. And old fabric is the best! I made snack bags recently from some old Gram fabric, and just love them.

  7. Oh my gosh Jill! I want to come and craft with you and go yard saling!! You are the Queen of sales girl!! Can't wait to see what you do with an Altoid tin with some of it! I think your tins are rocking! Have you gotten anymore? I love the fabrics you got! and the hearts!! I have touches of your swap packages here and there in my house and on my porch. Keep on keeping on. XO Fran.