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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sledding with an Angel!

Angels are with us wherever we go.

And who more than rough and tumble little boys need their Guardian Angel to keep them safe?

Looks like Reuben James is having a wild time sledding, while little Marco would rather be making a snowman safely on level ground!

I used paperclay molds from antique German dolls to create the boys' faces. Their bodies are needle-felted and clothes are created from pure wool. Little Marco stands only about 2 1/2 inches tall.

This is Leviticus. I really liked the contrast between the brown hue of his face and hands, against the creamy whites of his body and wings.

Does the sled look familiar? It's an old metal iceskate! After attaching green velvet fabric and gold cord, I added a fluffy pillow to the back.

Leviticus's face is molded from an antique black baby doll I bought at an antique show. His big puffy cheeks remind me of Louie Armstrong. That's one coooool cat!

I love the idea of a angel not only watching over the boys, but joining in the fun!


  1. Ok I love these boys! Looks so fun and you are so amazing!

  2. Jill, I love that you used an old ice skate. Ingenious!

  3. WOW, your art is AMAZING Jill!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love your pieces! I never thought of using doll heads as a mold. I've just started playing around with paperclay and LOVE it! It's so easily molded into whatever you're creating! Thanks for popping by to see me and for your sweet comment on my blog! Suzie