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Monday, August 2, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Over the years, my friend, Beth, has accumulated a mountain of Snoopy items. You know how it goes, people find out you're interested in something and the next thing you know, every birthday and Christmas you're inundated with more to add to your collection by well-meaning friends and family.

Beth recently told me, "Unless it's special or unique, I really don't need any more Snoopy items; it's getting pretty ridiculous!" Well, that got my wheels spinning. Out of the millions of Snoopy items in the world, could I actually make something unique for Beth? Breaking out one of my trusty Altoid Tins, I took the challenge!

First, I wanted this Altoid to be able to open and close so I had to plan accordingly. I decorated the lid by using Halloween scrapbook paper, trim, and purple flowers.

When Beth opened the lid, she was greeted by the Peanuts gang!

I embellished the top with Halloween scrapbook paper, stickers, and burnt orange flowers.

By sticking little squares on the back of some of the characters, it pushed them out further, giving the piece more dimension. For a 3-D effect, I added a hand-sculpted paper clay jack o'lantern, grass, orange paper flowers, and vintage plastic flowers. Finally, to really make this scene *pop*, I added miniature bottle brush trees that I hand-dyed orange and black.

Did Beth like it? Well, I got a call from her last night telling me whenever I want to make her something, to feel free!


  1. I love it and if you ever want to make me something feel free too!! lol! That looks like it took awhile to make and I love it!!

  2. Very cute idea, I am sure she loved it! :)

    Thank you also for your kind comment on my blog- I was pleased to have you stop by! :)


  3. How fun is that...I want to be your best friend!!!! Selfishly drooling over the goods. I must send my friend Nico over to your blog. She would love your little tin creations!
    I'm with you in heart and spirit and mind...smiling because somehow, in this big world, we were linked together!

  4. Now that rocks!! Your tins keep on getting better and better!! I just love your Fall and Halloween things!! XO Fran.