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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

White Wednesday - Wedding in an Altoid Tin!

As I wrote in my post below, it's been extremely hot here in Bucks County, pretty much keeping me inside with time to create.

Combining my love of miniatures and vintage goodness, I've been having so much fun with Altoid Tins! This time, I took a photo of my parent's wedding day and created a White Wedding Diorama.

Most everything I used for this project is vintage....not that my parents would appreciate being referred to as "vintage." Mom wears real tulle for her veil and a paper flower to represent her wedding flowers. I wanted to keep the entire piece as monochromatic as possible, only adding a *pop* of color here and there. I did this by giving Mom a pink flower to hold, and coloring Dad's corsage pink to match. Also, the pastel pearls and rusty bells set off the clean, crisp white background.

My mom loooooves sparklies so I added glitter to her dress. The background, which is hard to see, has a sparkly design too, taken from one of my own wedding cards. To me, combining pieces from both our weddings made this extra special.

I was going to wait until their anniversary to give it to them, but I was too excited! I brought it over the very next day!


  1. Very pretty. I love making vignettes with Altoid tins, too :)

  2. OK I love this! LOL! We are so much alike! I made my folks some vintage frame things that I need to blog, but anyway I was giving them to them for mother and father's day. I ended up giving them both to them in April! lol! I love the altoid tin and will have to do this too! btw My camera seems to be dried out so I am going to go set it all up tomorrow and snap some pics. I actually have a nice big nikon but it is a pain to use compared to the little nikon. lol! ~Shelley O.

  3. Hi Jill,
    This is a beautiful tribute for your parents anniversary !I love it , wonderful job !