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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Victorian Santa

*WHEW*! HOT summer days make for extra time cooling off in the art studio! With Christmas music playing in the background and the air-conditioner blasting on "High", I was inspired to make this nine inch tall Victorian Santa Claus.

His face is sculpted from paper clay, and white wool roving was needle-felted into a beard. Old tiny mercury glass Christmas ornaments decorate his hat.

His pack is made from vintage fabric and filled with old miniatures.

His clothes are made from 100% wool and lined with REAL seal fur.

Santa holds a metal staff in his hand and carries a package under his arm.

It's a challenge making Santa able to stand on his own, rather than permanently gluing him to a base.

Combining old with new, clay with fabric, metal with wool - the results are always so rewarding!

But the results aren't always what's most important, it's the process!

More to come!


  1. OK Jill you made this?! OMG! He is amazing and I am so super impressed!!! Did you make my spool santa too and I missed that you did? You are awesome!!!! ~Shelley O.

  2. Jill, he is delightful! How long does it take you to make a Santa like this one?
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Good for you, focused and productive! That's one way to stay cool. Very cool:)

  4. The good Lord gifted you. I love the quality of your work and the care and detail. It makes me smile to think of you creating Santa in the middle of July. I suppose that really is a Christmas in July moment for you. Hugs and happy holidays...tee hee!

  5. Thanks for your thoughts!

    Shelley and Amanda, I emailed you with answers.