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Friday, July 30, 2010

Taiwan in an Altoid Tin

My good friend, Alice, moved here from Taiwan when she was just a little girl. She even picked her American name from the only story she knew at that age, "Alice in Wonderland."

After speaking to her recently, I got the urge to create something Asian-inspired for her and thought it would be fun to do a miniature Altoid scene.

My biggest challenge was trying to create something from a completely different culture without it being cheesy or cliche.

I found some of the cutest little girl images and used them as my focal point. After applying the background scene, I sprinkled it with glitter and added the girls. The sparkly bead above is supposed to represent a Chinese lantern. The flowers and pearls were used as color accents.

The bottom portion of the Altoid shows a little girl petting a panda (very popular in this area) while two other girls look on. For the background, I was really excited to use images taken from a vintage postcard from Taiwan. I used black Chinese trim for the border and antique flower appliques. I also found an old butterfly earring to add more color and texture.

Next, I made an Asian-inspired bookmark.

This cute little Chinese girl was taken from a vintage Valentine image. For sturdiness, I used heavy weight cardstock sandwiched between two floral pieces of scrap paper. It's embellished with trim and buttons. "Ni Hao" means "Hello" in Chinese.

Every time I try something new, my comfort zone expands just a little more!

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