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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas in an Altoid Tin!

How can I resist the simple pleasure of creating a miniature scene inside an Altoid Tin?

So many mediums to work with in such a tiny space! Glitter for added sparkle, old Christmas cards and chenille stems, miniature porcelain figurines and vintage candy canes and flowers...too much fun!

Santa kisses Mrs. Claus goodbye as he heads out on Christmas Eve. I love the cottage in the background. It's just how I picture Santa's home to look.


A Woodland Santa is another one of my favorite Santa Claus versions. I often picture him trudging through the snow-covered woods, determined to deliver his Christmas packages to the little cabin tucked far away from town.

Plaid colors mixed with old velvet leaves and berries add a touch of nature to this piece.

To capture the woodland feel, I used an old Christmas card of a woodsy winter scene as the backdrop. Can you see the tiny cardinals sitting on the tree branches? A vintage white deer stands next to Santa as if to keep him company on his long journey. To enhance an icy look, I bleached a bottle brush tree and then sprinkled it generously with mica flakes and glitter.

Figuring out how to fit little scenes into the tins is half the fun! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. So sweet! I love Santa and Mrs. Clause kissing! ~Shelley O.