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Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Swap!

To My Fellow Patriots and Lovers of Liberty: Santa's Wishing You All a Happy Independence Day!

Now, on with the swap!

Lucky me! The fabulous Shelley, from "HoneyLamb and I" agreed to a private Red, White, and Blue swap in preparation for the 4th of July. My boxed arrived and I eagerly, yet gingerly opened it up to reveal these surprises!

If only you could feel this home-made ribbon!

Mary modeling the ribbon to give you an idea of how thick and wonderful it is!

I was soooo happy to have gotten one of Shelley's hand-made paper dolls! I added a magnet to the back and she now adorns our refrigerator. And considering how often I pay a visit to our fridge, I get to see her plenty!

MMMMM!!! Salt water taffy! Makes me want to "go down the shore" as we say on the East Coast.

Red, White, and Blue Goodness

Organic Apple tea.

Shelley painted this huge mug with the words, "I'm a BIG Deal on My Blog" and I filled it with the salt water taffy and Swedish fish she mailed. With Mary and Nicolai, the fish only lasted long enough for me to take this picture.

Big, chunky sparkly star

Beads for crafting and home-made earrings created from vintage buttons.

I LOVE the country colors on this!

Next are pictures of what I sent Shelley. Below is a Patriotic Santa ornament I carved from an old spool.

For the rest of the swap, I focused on materials Shelley could use to create her art. For the whites, I found some vintage parasols, doves, and fans. I also added some glitter, fabrics, and ornaments Shelley can either paint or leave white.

Red is my favorite color! Here are some fabrics, vintage red birds, old chenille stems, masks, glittered hearts, ribbons and such.

Let's not forget the Blues! Different shades of blue cookie cutters, laces, toile, fabrics, beads, stars, and a gingham basket were all added in hopes that Shelley could use them in her art studio.

And last, but certainly not least, the colors of Old Glory!

Thanks Shelley, it was lots of fun!


  1. What a FUN swap! That ribbon is adorable!

    Best wishes and HAPPY FOURTH,

  2. that looks like a wonderful swap...that santa you carved is really clever and so sweet...and i love the ribbon that Shelley made for you, very pretty!!!

  3. Oh my goodness...YOU are so blessed with all the goodies...what an "all american tribute" and how special. You are a very lucky girl!
    Happy you are coming along to Aunt Hatties Hut...make sure to stop by todays post...you'll be busy darning socks for Aunt Hattie. She is a fun old gal for sure...

  4. Man sister you took great pictures of all of it!!! I need to get mine on there too!!! Mary looks adorable!!! It was so fun and I love ya to death we will have to do another one soon! Have a happy 4th! It is raining cats and dogs here. ~Shelley O.

  5. Well Jill, you sure are a special gal!! Love what you got and what you gave!!! That rosette ribbon Mary is wearing is so cool! and your spool you craved is amazing!! Mary is beautiful too!! I'll be waiting for you to open that esty girl cuz you're pretty rockin! Are you still thinking August? I'll keep ya posted on mine!! I may need some support!! LOL XO Fran.

  6. Love all of it! I enjoyed seeing how each of you creatively completed your task :)

  7. Well, you got some seriously good loot. Love that ribbon. Your swap partner got some really good stuff too. How fun is that?