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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ya Never Know Where a SWAP Will Take You!

Right now, this stuffed Santa Claus is traveling to an orphanage in South America, to be loved by a little child, all thanks to a swap!

My husband's co-worker is traveling with some friends and planned on stopping by a local orphanage with as many toys as she could manage in one suitcase. We were happy to give her some wood puzzles while my daughter, Mary collected a dozen small stuffed animals to give to the children. "Since they don't have a mommy or daddy to hug," she said, "maybe they can hug these."

I then remembered the little Santa Claus Fran (from thebagglady), had sent me at a recent swap. I stuffed him into the box as well, hoping Ted's co-worker would be able to carry it all.

As it turns out, she was able to bring every toy by having her friends share the load. It warms my heart thinking about the smiles that will soon be on those little faces.


  1. Oh Jill I feel so blessed that from MI to PA, some child in South America is gonna be able to hold that doll and feel love!! God sends HIS love everywhere!! XOXO Fran.

  2. That is such a wonderful thing to do!! What a sweet hubby! The kids will love all their exciting new gifts! ~Shelley

  3. what a wonderful gesture...i am sure some little child is going to love their santa doll!!!