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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Total Score at Vermont Yard Sale!!

While driving home from Vermont, we stumbled upon a few yard sales that just beckoned us to stop. At one particular sale, I totally scored! Look at all the vintage goodies and supplies I got for a mere $4.00!!

First, I collected a box full of sewing supplies, ribbons, and trims.

I LOVE combining old and new pieces and this box was filled with both.

Recently, little white cherubs started showing up in my art studio. You know how new collections go.....they sort of just....happen! How serendipitous I would come across these little cherub postcards!

I just kept grabbing!

My favorite pieces were the extremely fine, delicate rick-rack and the many different colors to complement my own supplies.

This was a bag labeled 25 cents. I didn't even bother to look what was inside. For that price, I was willing to take a chance!

After bringing my spoils to the owner, she gave me the bad news. "$2.00"! Oh yeah, I definitely had to look a little further and asked if she had any vintage Christmas decorations. For another $2.00, this is what I found!

I guess you have to be a Vintage-Lover, Santa-Lover, or Vintage-Santa-Lover to appreciate this!

I found this old wedding cake topper sitting among a bunch of rusty tools, looking lonely. Isn't it sad how something so important to a young couple years ago, would wind up among a heap of old tools? Of course, this way of thinking is why they now have a show called, "Hoarders."

There was another bag labeled 50 cents, filled with more hand-made vintage decorations. Among these was this tiny little Easter Bunny holding a wee little basket with eggs. Someone had very good eyes to make something this little!

There was also a Mrs. Claus yarn doll, little elf made from a peanut, and other little hand-made items.

What I like about the old hand-made pieces is what women were able to create with what was available during that time period. I'll look at some of these things now and think, "How tacky!" but 30 years ago, it was considered very cute or creative. Who knows? In another 30 years, we may look back at the art we love now and think, "How tacky! What were we thinking?!"


  1. You sure found some great trims! I just adore the prices just my kind of Estate Sale. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Diane

  2. that is quite the haul!!! you really scored for sure...i think that santa head is a hoot...i saw stockings with that kind of head this past Christmas at one of the stores that i love to visit...the wedding cake topper is a beauty!!!

  3. Thanks for visiting! Yeah, we had a good old time! There are still lots more pics to come!

  4. Hey Jill! That is a pretty great haul!!! and just your kinda goodies!! Hope you're doing good!! I am working in the garden now. Getting there slowly but surely!! LOL what are you gonna make with all of your cool ric-rac? I think the decorations you got are just so you!! Have a good night. XO Fran.

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