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Monday, June 7, 2010


This past Saturday, we celebrated my brother's graduation from Rutgers University. Shawn earned his Ph.D. in Communications, which is the highest degree ever achieved in my family's Irish working-class history.

In my humble way, I wanted to show "Shawny" (AKA "Dr. Kildea" now) how proud I was of this surreal achievement. Using 3/4" basswood, I carved the body of a graduate and painted him specifically in the colors of the Rutgers gown.

Although I was happy with the carving, it still felt like it was missing something. After mulling ideas and researching the internet, I found some vintage graduate cake toppers on Ebay. That's when I came up with the idea to put the graduate carving on a little cake.

But, I had no idea how to make a faux cake! Soooo....back to researching I went! There were so many gorgeous ways to do this. Ultimately, I chose to make mine from a wood block, faux frosting, beads, vintage glass pearls, and miniature flowers.

Still not satisfied, I mounted the cake onto a tiny plate and finished off the piece by adding the message, "Sweet Success".

Another professor poked fun at Shawn becoming a "doctor" by giving him a stethoscope and white doctor's coat. At first, he didn't realize what TYPE of doctor's coat he was wearing!

But that didn't rattle Shawn, who promptly asked the crowd of women, "OK! Who's First?!"


  1. "who's first"? LOL!!! i am cracking up:) congratulations to your brother!!! what a wonderful achievement...i love what you made for him, that is such a great keepsake!!!

  2. Jill- Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I would love to have you join my bird swap but I have already assigned partners to everyone. If someone else asks to sign up I will let you know! :) Lori

  3. That cracks me up! Congrats to your brother. The statue you did is awesome.