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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming To Town!

This icy creation makes me yearn for cooler weather!

The entire piece is approximately one foot long from the tip of the polar bear's nose to Santa's sack of goodies.

Some people see this little fellow as a mini Santa while others see him as a jolly old elf. That's the beauty of folk art, it can be whatever you want it to be!

It was so much fun working with this polar bear! He's made from a very hard rubber and is very strong and solid, which is important considering all he needs to pull!

Sacks made from quilt squares are used to hold Santa's treasures. Vintage miniature satin ornaments and presents fill the sleigh. The little baby is sculpted from paper-clay using a German bisque doll from the late 1800s. After creating a mold, and adding a leg that wasn't attached to the original doll, I painted, antiqued, and added green glitter. Isn't he the cutest?!

Does this bear look like a "Humphrey" to you?

Trying to get close-ups without them being blurry isn't easy! I'm no photographer.

Santa rides a wooden sled that I painted white and sprinkled with white glitter and mica flakes for that frosty look. I added another piece on the bottom to give Santa a runner to stand on!

Santa stands approximately 4 1/2 inches tall. His head is hand-molded using paper clay, and then painted and antiqued. I needle-felted his body, using 100% wool. His beard is made from real rabbit fur I received from the great (and unfortunately, retired), Santa Claus artist, Norma DeCamp.

The sleigh full of presents wasn't enough! I added a brown pack to Santa's back to hold even more!

I love the teeny little elf peeking out from his sack of goodies!

My favorite part of creating this piece was being able to dabble in various mediums. Needle-felting, sculpting with clay, painting, designing, and working with miniatures kept the creative energy flowing!

Only 6 more months 'til Christmas!

Better Not Pout!


  1. what a wonderful. whimsical, beautiful creation...i LOVE how you made the little baby...she/he is precious!!!

  2. Oh it is incredible! You did an amazing job! All the details!!!! ~Shelley

  3. Amazing. I love the sleigh and the little baby. You do remarkable work. Especially all the little details.

  4. Hi Jill...
    Oh happy day and happy birthday. I'm mad as a hatter that I did not remember to wish you a happy birthday on the right day! I wrote it down and everything and I was going to surprise you. I remembered on a previous post you mentioned it.
    So here's to YOU my faithful blog friend. You are gifted and a rare treat in life.
    Your art is amazing and yes the name fits the bear...and I think the Santa is a old world Santa but that's a GNOME in the backpack...not an elf...at least in my world. I consulted my gnomes in Gnomeland and they agree...his name is Wink the Gnome. Wink, wink!

  5. I LOVE this piece! So lovely and you're right, it makes me long for cold weather (: We're supposed to hit 98 today and snow would be good right about now (: Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I look forward to returning here often to read your future posts (:

    Take care and happy creating (:

  6. Oh My! I love your love of winter, and I love this creation. So many details perfectly capture the adventure of the little elf delivering his goods. Thank you for your comment on my blog. It made me giggle that you seem to always find supplies you "need". Now that is a crafting philosophy I could get behind! Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

  7. What an adorable little elf! Miniatures are so much fun to work with, but always make me feel like I'm all thumbs.