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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Thanks to all who have prayed for Chris, a young mother of 2 sweet little girls, whose cancer has returned.

Two tumors were recently discovered in Chris's lymph nodes. For the next four months, she will be undergoing very aggressive Chemotherapy and then Radiation.

Please keep the prayers going for this extremely brave young woman.


  1. Good day to Jill...from Jackie, way over here on the other side of the good ol' USA. Sunny skies here...I'm off to eat a cupcake...A girl with a curl knows how to get a giddy-up on the day!

    Enjoyed looking back at your antique showcase...it was well worth the peek...my favorite being the Holt Howard Pixie of course!

    Life is one tough ride sometimes. I can't even imagine how she must feel. Thank God she is living in a time where medicine is aggressively moving forward and saving so many lives. I have prayed this morning for her specifically in the area of fear. I'm sure that is a factor when you are dealing with illness. I'll continue to remember her all through this battle.

    Have a sweet day, your blog is wonderful!

  2. I will keep her in my prayers!~Shelley

  3. Dear Jill, A day to answer your questions brings me to you blog on a day prayers are requested. I will add her to my nightly prayers.

    Button Card Monday features wonderful vintage cards that I discovered at a local antique mall. I thought they would make the cutest tags, and several individuals are making them as well. An easy way to see all of the cards in one place is to look on my Flickr photostream.

    As for "E", this is what many people call me because my name is so long! Too funny! A favorite story told very early is that I hated that my name was "E" for elephant. My mother gave me a necklace with "E" on it and the sweetest story of how I came by my name.

    Your graduation figure is just wonderful! I thought the cake was real. What a wonderful way to commemorate such an accomplishment! Elizabeth

  4. Thanks so much! Chris's Mother-in-Law, my Aunt Margie, watches this blog. I'm sure she'll be happy to see all the prayers being sent up.