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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Won a Give-Away!

Thanks to the mother-daughter team of 32degreesn.blogspot.com, I received the most bea-u-tiful journal in the mail!

There were three I could have won, so I held my breath hoping it'd be the one I wanted....oh please! Please let it be.........

YES! My favorite one! Not they weren't all beautiful, but I took a special liking to this one. All of the journals were made from authentic gilded Florentine paper from Italy, and paper scraps from Germany and England. Gold foil Dresden trims also were used to decorate the covers.

The inside is covered in 1930s sheet music and another paper scrap.

I'm a journaling fanatic and have six that I use throughout the year, each reserved for a different need. I already started using this one today to record the details of the folk art pieces I create. You can never have enough journals!

Thanks again to the the mother-daughter team of 32 North! If you long for the look of Christmases past, you may want to pay them a visit. You won't be disappointed!


  1. that journal IS a beauty...congrats on your win...and for getting the journal that you loved the best!!!

  2. Congradulations on your win! Love the cake topper you made for your brother, it came out awesome.
    Also I WASN'T going to paint the pew, but then you went and said the word paint and now I'm thinking....hmmmmm.
    I have been so out of the blog loop, check out my latest post to see why.

    :) Michelle

  3. Yea Jill!!!! That is always so fun. Apparently I did too! A lady that I follow sent me a message saying that I won. I think she might have just felt bad for me for the passing of my puppy:) Love your win! ~Shelley

  4. No I didn't win a journal. I won something from another gal. I was being confusing. I think I got some ladies things from destaching her craft room. I type faster than I think sometimes lol! ~Shelley

  5. Good for you! Glad you won the journal you longed for! Hmm...a darn radio-like-thingey is blocking comments? First I heard of this, but maybe ladies just move on without telling me! Thanks for taking the time to let me know. I just figured no one wanted a tea towel! lol. Still could be the case, but alas some ladies are joining in.

  6. What a great win. That is a really beautiful journal. I love journals, too, though I rarely write in them. But I am getting better.

  7. Jill, We're so happy you won and to get the one you longed for, well, that's just serendipitous! Thank you for the wonderful post!
    ~ Amanda