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Friday, June 4, 2010

I think I'm pretty set for the next Swap!

All of those who love vintage ephemera will appreciate this score. A huge bag of vintage cards, stickers, seals, wrapping paper, Valentines, and a few little trinkets for $1.50!

Old Dennison Halloween stickers! These alone are worth more than the entire bag!

I've got about 10 of these 1980 Santa Claus postcards. Loved the art work.

Sweet kitten cards

A never-opened pack of 1994 Mary Engelbreit cards!

Stickers, old seals, wrapping paper

These reminded me of Thomas Kinkade work.

These are various items I picked up during the trip. I use the miniatures and clothes for my needle felted Santas and elves. By carving Santa faces into the old wool spools, I make some very festive Christmas ornaments.

The old clothes give that antique look to the characters I create.

An elf would look really cute in this outfit, don't you think?!

I suppose some people may look at all the stuff I've been collecting and think, "What is she going to DO with all that?" The question is, "What am I NOT going to do with it all?" If I'm not using it to make folk art, I'm joining swaps, donating it, or simply being inspired by it.

Something as simple as a piece of cotton trim, a sparkly bauble or bead, or even an old wooden spool can give me a bounty of ideas. One idea *pops* into my head, and suddenly the visions come pouring in. Sometimes the ideas come in so fast and furious, it keeps me awake at night, wishing for the floodgates to close!


  1. Those people who look at it and wonder what you are going to do with it all just don't get people like us!!! lol Thank goodness for blog friends that do!!! I can't wait to see what you do with all those cute clothes and cards:) ~Shelley

  2. I finally found an old soul awake in the middle of the night like me...mind racing...can't sleep...up I get...teapot brewing I sit and dream...along with you.

    I love the post on the old childrens books. I'm a nut about them too and I've been known to sit on the floor in a thrift shop and hunt through rows and rows of childrens books...yes...the truth comes out.

    That antique store and HERSELF The ELf....yikes! The store is awesome...you could be in there for days. I like Herself the Elf and have one of her books in my show case at the antique mall. We can find them pretty easy out here...a fun collectible for sure..

    I could go on and on with you but I need to go and get some shut eye. Thanks for coming to my blog too...It makes me happy when you visit, that's for sure!

  3. Dear Jill, What a beautiful blog header you have. Bucks County is such a magical place to live. I have had such fun this morning scrolling back through your posts and enjoying seeing your folk art creations and vintage treasure finds. Your home is as charming as can be. My mother was an artist and often traveled to your part of the country to paint. Thank you so much leaving such kind comments on my blog. They mean so very much, and I am glad to know of you. Elizabeth