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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


While the reindeer are on vacation, Santa travels with his trusty steed, "Sugar Cookie."

Dressed in warm wool, this soft, needle-felted Santa is dressed for a cold winter. He stands approximately 8 inches high from the bottom of his foot to the tip of his hat. Santa's face, hands, and boots were all hand-sculpted from paper clay, air-dried and painted. To give him an aged appearance, I wiped him with antique gel.

Santa wears blue pants and a white sweater. His coat is dark forest green with black trim. His hat is made of white wool encircled by a vintage chenille stem. I then sprinkled him with sparkly white glitter to give the feeling of falling snow.

Hoisted over his shoulders is Santa's bag of goodies! A vintage chenille stem decorates the top, giving him a bit of retro sparkle.

Santa holds a vintage bottle brush tree decorated in old mercury glass ornaments.

His beard and mustache are made from pure wool. Soooooo soft!

Sugar Cookie is decorated with lots of jingle bells. A tiny toy carousal horse dangles from his side.

Considering Sugar Cookie is Santa's horse, I figured he wouldn't lose his dignity by my braiding his tail! A wool blanket covers Sugar Cookie's back. On top of that is a rectangular piece of real suede, serving as Santa's saddle. A rolled up vintage quilt is attached to Sugar Cookie's back in case Santa gets cold.

On Sugar Cookie's right, hangs a toy drum and soldier, promising lots of fun for a good little boy!

I just have to celebrate Christmas all year long!

Sometime hopefully soon, this piece will be available to purchase. I've been debating whether to start selling on Ebay again, or open an Etsy Shop. Whatever I finally decide, you'll be the first to know!


  1. Jill- I have a partner for you! Please send me your info- mailing address, blog name, and a list of items that you love (ex. toile, chocolate, books, aprons, etc.) so your partner can get to know you better. Birdie Swap time! Lori toosillysisters@cox.net

  2. Jill, your work is wonderful! Good luck however you decide to sell. Have a great week! Twyla

  3. Jill- I think you should definitely start selling on etsy! Ebayers will just low ball you.:( Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog, Sweetie! I just switched over to my new blog but may be switching back to my old one since I am having some difficulties. I'll be sure to let you know if I do!:) Lori

  4. I can't believe the detail! Absolutely incredible!

  5. Hi Jill-
    What a wonderful Santa! He's great, especially on the horse.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving a comment and becoming a follower!

  6. Donna SchechterJune 09, 2010 6:34 PM

    Hi Jill! I see that you are handcrafting some really interesting things. The Santas are really special! I would like to talk with you about showcasing your items on our new web catalog UniquelyBucks where we will market and sell handcrafted items made in Bucks County. Your work would fit in beautifully. If you would like to hear more please call me at 215-353-0687 or email at donna@uniquelybucks.com
    Small one time set up fee and commission on each sale. No other costs to you...:)

  7. Hi Jill, I think you'd really like selling on etsy. It's so easy and one of our favorite things is that your listings are up for 4 months.

    Did you get my email? You won one of the journals in our giveaway last week! It's all packed up and ready to send off to you :)


  8. Oh, how I love that Santa. Thanks for such a GOOD way to start the day.