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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sneak Peek At Santa's Christmas Wagon!

Here is a sneak peek at a project I've been working on.

This wagon is completely made by hand using an old cigar box, vintage dollhouse bench seat and drawer, and other scraps of wood to give it more character.

The wheels are fully functional. I painted them to look old and rusty. Since this is going to be a wagon driven by Santa Claus, I added garland with little red gingham bows.

After painting it multiple colors, I gave it a nice crackle finish and then aged it with antiquing gel.

I was so intimidated starting this project, but had such a fun time trying to figure it all out in my head. Everything was basically eye-balled and I worked to give it a primitive, time-worn look. (I believe if you double-click the picture, it'll give you a close-up to see how it's been crackled).

Now the really fun part - filling it with goodies!!!


  1. Oh my gosh that turned out awesome! Your wagon is amazing. You are so creative. I love how you used all of those parts to create it. And the finish is perfect. It will look so cute with a Santa and goodies loaded up in it. Will you craft a Santa just for it?

  2. Thanks Maureen!

    Yes, I plan on crafting a Santa specifically to fit the wagon. The wheels are already turning in my head. : )

  3. Wow!!! That is amazing I love it! You did a beautiful job you're so creative! The bells and bows are prefect embellishments!