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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scored at the Rummage Sale!

Sometimes the simplest thing can turn into the best idea!

I scored this shoe organizer at a Rummage Sale the other day for just $2.00. I brought it home and reinforced all the cardboard cubbies with clear packing tape. Now it's solid as a rock!

This is how I used to store my wool roving. Trying to find all the different colors in a big tupperware worked, but wasn't really efficient.

Now check it out! All the wool is separated by color and the clear plastic makes it all easy to find, while still keeping the wool clean and protected. It fits right under my work table too, so it's completely out of the way!

*sigh* I remember when it was first dates and Carnival rides that were exciting. I'm definitely showing my age!

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