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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Post Man Cometh!

Thanks to Gina at theshabbychiccottage.net, I was able to meet and swap with two wonderful women who share my same interests. Yesterday was my lucky day! The Postman came bearing gifts! Both swaps came on the same day! I just posted one below and now onto my other. This swap was with Fran from thebagglady.blogspot.com.

Fran filled me in that she loves birds and has oodles of birdhouses on her property. She also loves earthy colors, orange being her favorite. Fran loves to recycle, using rusty pieces and primitives. She also adores Mary Engelbreit and anything with cherries. Based on this knowledge, this is what I came up with to give to her:

This is a hand-carved Mrs. Claus from a 4" piece of Butternut.

Rusty Goodness!

Darling little baskets

As luck would have it, I had a complete unopened package of Mary Engelbreit cards!

Orange fabric with a cherry quilt square. Wish I had had more of this to give.

Gingham wired ribbon and lots of Woodland Moose fabric!

Since Fran loves orange so much, I used my dehydrator to give her some yummy-smelling dried oranges.

Other little supplies I thought she may like....

Next, here's what Fran sent me! Get ready for LOTS of eye candy!

Opening the box.....

Sweet card with flower seeds. Ted was very happy about this. He wants to make Mary her own little garden and said these were perfect.

First thing I see is a fabric Santa Claus! Mary couldn't stop hugging him! A paper mache box and tin full of goodies...

There's so much, it's hard to take it all in!!

Just look at it all!

Lots of delicate white sachets. One was filled with my name in Scrabble pieces. How clever is our Frannie?!

OK, THIS brought tears to my eyes! How thoughtful!

Old scrumptious vintageness!

Are these stockings hand-made? I love the cabin-like look of the plaid fabric.

old cards.....

This reminds me of the Fall, my absolute favorite time of year!

A huge piece of Christmas fabric! Just in time too! My Mom's teaching me to sew this summer!

I didn't tell Fran this, but I collect cookie cutters. Look at this huge Santa cutter she sent!

Oh what fun it is to swap! Please let me know when the next one comes around! Thanks Frannie! I'm so glad I got to know you and Michelle!


  1. Holy Moly - you guys made out like bandits! Why do I feel like it's almost Christmas. GREAT swaps, Jill! Sorry to hear you were sick on Mothers Day - looks like you made out like a bandit there too - your Mary is quite the artist! Have a wonderful rest of the week. Let's hope the warmer weather returns soon. Lisa

  2. Oh my goodness, those swaps look like fun. I don't know which box I'd rather get. So much great stuff. Can't wait to do a fall swap!

  3. Goodness sakes....looks like blessings are flowing at your house!
    Have a happy week from me to you!
    ~Jacqueline at the Fairyland~