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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My 1939 Kitchen

Thanks so much to all who have written comments or emailed me about how much you like our home. That means so much to Ted and me. It's just a humble little place that needed (and still needs) tons of work done to it. Slowly but surely we're getting there!

So, you've already seen my Dining Room, which now doubles as my art studio (and has quickly become my favorite room in the house!) If you've followed my older posts, you've seen the Living Room while in the middle of Spring Cleaning. Now, how about visiting our kitchen?

The way our house is set up, the kitchen is now considered the front door where everyone enters.

This is the second time I've painted it. It used to be several shades of green and white. I called it my "Celtic Kitchen." Can you tell I was totally craving the Fall when I picked the color scheme? It was hot, humid, sticky August when I decided to undertake this project and just couldn't wait for the cool crisp Autumn!

All the original METAL cabinets! They were a very dark blue when we moved in and the walls were dirty yellow. And I do mean DIRTY! Ted replaced the counters with formica. Nobody could figure out what they were made out of before, but whenever we'd put something down on it, like a hand, our hand would turn black! And it felt like it was made of tires. So strange.

We have TWO dishwashers in our house! They're called "Ted" and "Jill."

I must have been hungry when I picked the colors too: Cabinets - "Sweet Annie", Ceiling - "White Corn", Top Half of Wall - "Cider Toddy", Bottom Half - "Fragrant Cloves", Middle Rail - "Belgium Waffle" and are you ready for this? Floor - "Sauteed Mushrooms"! Yes, we painted the floor. After ripping up the old linoleum, we found it was horribly water stained. There was no saving it. And without the funds to redo it, there's nothing a good can of paint won't cure!

I painted this rural picture on the door when Mary was just a baby. This is what happens when a woman leaves the workplace and tries to adjust to staying at home. I was still jumpy and needed an outlet! There's a tiny couple holding a little baby, which represents our little family at the time. Even Blue's in the picture!

Nicolai playing with an antique wood and metal mixer. Kids just love these!

Did I mention I LOVE gingerbread men? The taste is ok, but I can't get enough of the aroma. It's even my favorite Yankee Candle fragrance!

My favorite part of the whole kitchen is the overhead shelf. It's custom-made by my Dad. He had made a few country shelves in his home, as well as my brother and sister's. I wanted something different and saw this shelf in a country magazine. I asked Dad if he thought he could make it. Sure enough, he made an exact replica!

It's fun decorating the shelf with old bottles, crocks, and anything that gives our kitchen the warm, cozy feel.

When the kitchen was painted green, we had all kinds of pictures and wall hangings. After repainting, Ted and I decided we prefer to keep the walls bare and just fill Dad's shelf. This gives it more of an open feeling in such a small house. I also like to decorate with functional items as well. My friend, Beth gave me her grandmother's crock after she passed away. Beth was moving to California and wanted it to go somewhere it would be appreciated, especially since as Beth put it, "It's VERY old!" I use it to store old and new cooking utensils.

Here's an old bell I just fell in love with so Ted hung it on the cabinet for me. I actually use it when Ted's out working in the yard. No more excuses that he can't hear me!

Although I somehow deleted the picture, we DO have a stove across from the table in a little nook. The house came with the original stove and although we hated to part with its total coolness (the top looked like the dashboard of a car from the 1930s!!) we got ourselves a more efficient, reliable one.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. NOw that's a kitchen that heals the soul! so cozy and inviting... love it!
    luvs and glitter