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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello. My Name Is Jill. And I'm a Wool Addict.

Before last summer, I never even heard the words "needle felting" and now it's become one of the many loves of my life! Could it be the warmth of the wool? Maybe it's the soft, yet firm texture that draws me to it? Or maybe it's the fresh, clean scent after its been felted in the hot dryer. Wait, I know. It's the versatility of the wool. The creating possibilities are endless!

Whatever the case, I'm addicted. If you dare to try working with pure wool, it may happen to you. Be forewarned my friends.

Isn't she cute?! I made this for my Mom when my father was undergoing a triple bypass this past Christmas. I was hoping it would bring a much needed smile to her face. It did.

Here's a Woodland Santa Claus I made for Ted's Aunt Candy. She lives out on a farm with Uncle Dane. While making this particular Santa, I kept picturing him walking out in the woods near their farm, trudging through the snow in search of a yule log to put on their fire.

It's so fun combining mediums! Santa's head is made from paper clay and painted with acrylics. His body is a wire armature that was needle-felted using wool from different types of sheep. Santa carries a vintage tree on his back using an old basket and twine. Little does Santa know, but a little squirrel was living in that tree!

I carved the snowman on the top of his staff and wrapped a home-spun gingham fabric around his neck.

Happy Creating!


  1. Jill, your creations in wool are totally adorable...i really love the pink and white girls...they make me smile:)

  2. Those are so cute! I adore the Santa--awesome!

  3. I've never tried wool felting yet! Your creations are so pretty and look really professional! Wonderful! Suzie

  4. I'm captivated by Aunt Candy and Uncle Dane...I want to know them! Any two with those names is fine as a dime in my book. Whimsy names for sure.

    I love the wool felting...I can hardly stand the cute things you can make. It's one of those crafts that I'd be up all hours of the night doing.

    You, by the way, do beautiful creative work. It's pure JOY to be here and visit Jill.

    ~warm smiles, Jacqueline~