"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can't Get Enough of Folk Art!

"Antique folk art is distinguished from traditional art in that while it is collected today based mostly on its artistic merit; it was never intended as a category to be art for art’s sake."

Truly, I can't get enough of Folk Art. There's nothing like taking something old and discarded and creating a whole new life out of it. A piece of wood can be carved into a jolly St. Nicholas or laughing jack o'lantern. Remnants of antique lace and fabrics can be turned into whimsical angels or mischievous pixies. Here are some pieces I use that are both functional and eye-catching.

What was once Ted's baby planter now stores my paintbrushes.

Antique scale that is actually very accurate! I love its rustic charm and use it when mailing packages.

Ted's grandmother gave us a bunch of old mason jars she used to can fruits and vegetables. This one makes the perfect paint cup.

My vintage tin cocoa wastebasket.

I bought this cherub planter recently for Mary's fairy party. The little cherub with his teeny little wings just makes me smile. For now, I use this as a mini storage for different types of glue.

I scored this pin cushion for 25 cents. It holds my vintage milk glass pins.

One of my most favorite pieces comes from my friend, Ruthie. Ruth's in her late 80s now and is a wonder of a woman. Age never stopped her from anything until recently, when her eyes started failing. You could often find her paving new black-top on her driveway, refinishing dressers, gardening, and making home-made meals from scratch. Ruthie lived on a farm all her life and feeding the chickens was one of her many chores. This scoop belonged to her since she was a child. She painted it green years ago and I just love it. I don't live on a farm so a scooper isn't necessary, but doesn't it make such a pretty candle holder?!

Adding texture to a room gives it lots of warmth and comfort.

Are you sitting down? This is a cafeteria tray that Ted found in a very old mental health institution! The institution no longer exists, but I now use its tray for my painting palette!

A left-over angel/fairy from Mary's party. I didn't have the heart to box her away so she now stands over me in my art studio. I plan on using the vintage deer for one of my Santa Claus vignettes.

There's just so much beauty out there in the simplest of things. From pretty pink rose petals to old rusted stars. Thank God for the gift of sight!


  1. Hi Jill & former Jersey Girl..thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit! I LOVE your cottage!! Oh my goodness...gorgeous. I am on the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County.
    Your blog is so sweet...I will follow.
    Take care sweetie! xo Tami

  2. Jill what a great post! A girl after my own heart! I see so much beauty in the simple everyday life! and I thank God for that!!! Life can get so busy and messy sometimes. But God gives us so many gifts of talent and friendships to help us a long the way. Have an awesome day girl. XO Fran.

  3. I love the idea of repurposing things too. It's also cool to use them for their intended purpose, like that gorgeous scale. Isn't it fun when your favorite things that surround you, have a history. Everytime you look at it, or use it you are reminded of how you came by it.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures.