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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why Should Santa Get All the Glory?!

"Let's face it, Santa's had more publicity!"

But what about MRS. Claus? She deserves some recognition too. Afterall, isn't she the one who takes care of Santa, baking his favorite cookies, taking out his pants (again), making sure the reindeer are fed, and overseeing the elves? And let's not forget how she spends Christmas alone every year while her husband takes off on another adventure!

In honor of Mrs. Claus and her never-ending loyalty, I have carved an image of how I envision her in my mind. Picturing her as a kindly old Bavarian woman who welcomes visitors with sweets and stories, I placed hand-carved gingerbread men and Christmas pudding in each hand. Thinking of her busily baking in her warm and cozy kitchen, while the fragrant aroma of Christmas spices fills the air, sure makes me want to hop on the next plane to the North Pole!


  1. What a WONDERFUL job you did, Jill:) Is that your very first carving? Excellent job!! Amazing detail with the sleeves & she has so much character in her face. And such a colourful outfit - beautiful painting. You're in your element.

  2. Hi Jill, this is wonderful! Your art is absolutely charming. So nice to meet a 'neighbor'. :) Take care and have a wonderful day. Lisa

  3. Ev, Thanks so much! I can't tell you how much fun she was to paint!! She's not my first carving, but my first carving that's not all one piece. I attached the arms, cake, and gingerbread men separately.

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for joining me! I was so surprised and happy to find ANOTHER Bucks County Artist!

  4. Jillsy this is one of my favorite carvings of all time!
    I absolutely love your painting style, truly timeless!