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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Possibilities are Endless!

This is my latest thrift store find. My sister will be so jealous!

As soon as I brought this Easter Tree home, my mind started buzzing with decorating ideas. I envisioned sparkly eggs, vintage millinery, miniature bunnies, glittered chicks, and a rainbow of ribbons. Then it hit me: Why leave it white? How about Baby Blue or Spring Green? Or WAIT! What if I painted it a Cotton Candy Pink for that Shabby-Chic feel? Of course, if I do this, why make it an Easter Tree at all? How about a Valentine Tree decorated with sparkly old rhinestones and hearts? Or....dare I try something totally different? Maybe a pink Christmas tree! A few months ago, I would have cringed at the thought, but searching other art blogs has opened up a whole new creative world for me. I've seen some very "romantic" pink Christmas trees very tastefully done.

Ordinarily, my taste for Christmas decorating falls in the "Adirondack Style" with earthy ornaments and rustic natural findings. But something about the Shabby-Chic style has caught my interest so I may need to experiment with it.

The beauty of this tree is it's a blank canvas. Wait! What if I spray paint it black for Halloween!

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