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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enchanted Fairy Garden Party!

*WHEW*!! I can't believe I've even got the energy to blog, but I'm so excited to show you how the party went!

Today was Mary's 7th birthday party and for 3 hours, we had 9 little fairies to entertain. The Dining Room was bursting with flowers, butterflies, fairies, birds, bunnies, and colored lights!

As soon as the girls arrived, we had a Fairy Tea. The table was filled with all kinds of pastel goodies! But, first, I promised their parents I'd encourage them to eat lunch. There were 3 types of sandwiches to choose from: Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, & Roast Beef & Cheese. On another platter were bunches of grapes and strawberries dipped in pink chocolate! A tray filled with cheeses and meats was also on the table, but the grandparents were more interested in this! Spring-colored M&Ms, marshmallows, cookies, and dipped pretzels covered in sprinkles made for a very festive fairy party! Of course, no fairy party would be complete without pink lemonade and fruit punch (which we call "nectar" in Fairy Land!)

After eating, the girls moved to the kitchen table where they used their incredible artistic abilites to decorate fairy attire. Fairy wings, sparkly wands, shiny masks, and woodland necklaces made from tree disks were all decorated by each girl, but they weren't allowed to put them on just yet....they needed to be magically transformed!

Hanging in the arch of the Living Room and Dining Room was a long white canopy decorated with birds, vines, butterflies and white lights. Each girl took turns entering the canopy where they magically transformed into Fairies. When they came out in full Fairy attire, they were each given a tiny white pail. Inside the pail was Fairy Dust, rose pedals, large gems, a tiny white dove, and a scroll. To welcome the new Fairy, I read to the group the new fairy's name (such as Juniper, Twilightstar, and Dewdrop), what the fairy liked to do (such as dance in the rain or collect shiny trinkets), where the fairy lived (such as under a toadstool or inside a hollowed out log) and when she could be seen (like on the first day of winter, or only when there's a shooting star.) After introducing the new fairy, she was dubbed her name with a magical wand that officially transformed her into a fairy.

Once all the girls became fairies, they gathered outside for a treasure hunt! Legend has it that fairies love sparkly trinkets and shiny baubles, and these fairies were no exception. Handing each fairy a large grapevine cornucopia, they raced around the yard finding all sorts of hidden treasures.

After lots of food, arts and crafts, and a treasure hunt, these little fairies needed a break. The weather was absolutely gorgeous out and was perfect to let them just play.

With an hour left to go, we came back inside for some pink cupcakes and a Fairy sing-a'long, wishing Mary a Happy Birthday. On the cupcakes were wafer-thin edible realistic-looking butterflies! Also, edible leaves with the writing, "Happy Birthday Mary!" They were really neat to see so I'll attach a picture.

The party wasn't over yet! Back to the kitchen to decorate 3-D butterflies with glitter gel, markers, and rhinestones. Then, back outside to play until the parents came to whisk the little fairies away.

If you're looking for ideas for your own daughter's "Enchanted Fairy Garden Party" feel free to use any of the ideas you read here.

Oops! It looks like I can only post 5 pics per blog so I'll do this in increments.


  1. Oh my gosh...somebody sure knows how to throw a party! How fun! Thanks so much for sharing! Your pictures are lovely, as is your home!

    Janet, FeltOnTheFly

  2. Love this theme! Where did you find the large dragonfly & butterly decorations? Thank you!