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Friday, March 19, 2010

Shopping in My Own Basement Again!

Researching Fairy-themed parties on the internet has been lots of fun the past few days. I especially like the idea of the girls using tiny little glasses filled with "nectar" or "Fairy Fizz" (fruit-punch or pink lemonade), instead of plain old paper cups. I checked out my favorite haunts to see if I could find some of these, but nothing turned up. That's when it dawned on me that I'm married to Ted, and like his Grandfather before, Ted is the family........collector.

So, with great optimism and anticipation, I ventured to the basement, in search of the perfect pixie glasses. First I spotted Ted's shot-glass collection. Hmmmm...tiny, just the right size for little fairy hands, but no, I better pass. Next, I spotted some chunky green glasses. The color went well with the "woodsy" feel I was going for, but they weren't quite what I had in mind. Then I saw them, delicate glasses, perfect for tiny hands. Carefully examining them, I knew these were the ones. I also found some very pretty quartz crystals that would add a mystical touch to the table. I'd say my journey into the basement was a success!

On another note, buried in a large barrel I discovered an old round box that would look so pretty covered in toile fabric. But that's another story!

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