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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Present for My Sister

Yesterday, my sister called and asked if I knew where I could find an Easter Tree. I hadn't seen any, but suggested the typical craft stores. She said she had already checked, but couldn't find any. Later, Ted and I took the kids to "The Barn", our favorite thrift store. While browsing, I came across a small, but cute Easter Tree. It needed plenty of attention, but it radiated potential.

After 45 minutes of untangling branches and tiny ornaments, I decided to give the tree a face-lift. First, I freshened it up by rewrapping its branches in crisp white floral tape. This also made the tree much more sturdy. Next, I embellished the branches with new materials giving the tree a whole new look. Glittered Easter eggs, tiny flowers, and pink glittered balls really make the tree *pop*. At the base, I added two little bunnies with smaller eggs and a few more flowers. This not only added more visual appeal, but stopped the tree from falling over to one side! Finally, the tree was crowned with even more pink and white flowers.

Kathleen doesn't know she's getting the tree yet, but from what I hear, she reads my Blog regularly so will probably be surprised sometime tomorrow. I hope she likes it, but if not, I know the perfect place for it in my bedroom!


  1. Howdy! I saw your sweet comment on my blog so I came to visit. I didn't know I would fall in love with this Easter tree!!!:)