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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Generosity of Another

Have you ever tried Freecycle.com? If not, I highly recommend looking into it. Basically, it's a site where people offer things for free they would otherwise donate or throw away. People can also ask for things as well. The whole concept is to keep things out of landfills, decrease more buying, and help others in search of specific items.

While in a constant state of decluttering, we've given away lots of things on this site and it makes us feel good knowing we've helped others. When it comes to me asking for vintage laces, I haven't been so lucky....until a few days ago! Look what a very generous woman sent me in the mail!

Anne, whom I got to know through various emails, went so out of the way for me, it literally brought tears to my eyes. First, she spent a couple weeks going through boxes looking for trims she thought I could use. A few weeks later, she completely surprised me with an email telling me she was visiting her Mother-in-Law in New England, and had a "TON" of laces for me. She wasn't kidding! I've got every kind of lace imaginable here. Some are so old and scrumptious, I hate to even use them. It was so much fun combining her stash with my already growing collection.

Wanting to show my genuine appreciation, I sent Anne a hand-made Victorian angel. She stands just about 6 inches tall and is made of wool and old laces. Her face is molded from an antique bisque doll head dug up from the ruins of doll factories that were bombed during WWII! It's got that great turn-of-the-century look and dates between 1850-1910.


I also wanted to send Anne's Mother-in-Law a thank you for all her great old findings and sent along an extra little Victorian child for her.

From what Anne told me, her Mother-in-Law was thrilled to give her beloved collection to someone who would truly appreciate it. In return, I'm just as thrilled knowing they appreciate the little Victorian dolls.

Isn't it the BEST when everyone winds up happy?

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  1. Wow, what a box of treasure you were given. :)