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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Easter Bunny's Comin' to Town Today!

Here's Hopin'
He's Hippidy-Hoppin' your way!

It was so much fun bringing the Easter Bunny to life! Last Saturday, I bought this hand-carved Easter Bunny, who was in need of some serious TLC. (For pictures of what he looked like when I bought him, just scroll down two posts to see.)

I'd say the part I liked best about this project was the detail work. I just love details! It's what sets something apart from all the rest. While painting him, I knew I wanted to add something special to his clothing, but what? The striped pants and polka-dot tie added whimsy, but I wanted to add more without all the colors clashing. Then it came to me to paint very faint roses along the bottom and up the back of his jacket (thank you Muse!) I had never painted roses before so I was pleasantly surprised with the results. For an old-fashioned appearance, I brushed on an antiquing gel.

Now that the painting was complete, something seemed missing. Time to start mixing mediums! I chose three fabric-covered yellow buttons to adorn his vest. Because the buttons are vintage, they complemented the aged look of his clothing. Next, I picked several glittered Easter eggs I recently purchased at Michaels. I loved the sparkle and size of the eggs, but when I hung them in his hands, they looked too bare. Out came my hat box full of old laces! I found the perfect delicate trims to decorate the tiny eggs. Adding tiny paper flowers completed the look I was hoping to achieve. Creating a small bouquet of vintage white flowers satisfied my desire for details.

Finally, with the advice of some woodcarver friends, I found a way to add whiskers. By drilling small holes and gluing in bristles of a large paint brush, I was able to give this Easter Bunny more dimension, rather than simply painting on the whiskers.

Thank you God, for all the gifts of creativity. While others may have rejected this bunny because of its obvious flaw in the wood, I knew he was a diamond in the rough!

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