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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

We celebrated Valentine's Day this year with 13 girls between the ages of 2 and 10 making Valentines, eating lots of sweets, playing games, and decorating Victorian cones (which they later filled with candy). It was all kinds of fun; admittedly, maybe more for ME than the girls.

For 3 weeks, I shopped thrift stores, raided my mom's stash, searched through my own stash, and treated myself to some vintage goodies on Etsy.com. Days before, I stormed Sam's Club for huge bags of candy and the dollar store for fillers. We decorated with pink, white and red crepe paper and balloons, vintage paper dolls, buttons, and jewelry, bowls of candy, cookies, dipped pretzels and strawberries - who could resist?

It took me two weeks of cutting out 1940s paper dolls, punching out balloons made from scrapbook paper, shaping Victorian cones, gathering supplies, but we made it. My favorite part though, was decorating Santa! Poor Santa. Ted found him in a dumpster and brought him home for me. He was missing a leg and smelled like coffee. After Febreezing him and later giving him a few shots of Ted's cologne...it was time to fix his leg. I found a sturdy piece of wood in the basement and shoved it up his pants leg. Oh yes, I shoved! Then, stuffed it and gave him new boots. Ted's old boots actually. Once Santa was standing all by himself, we figured he should stay for the party! And since he was already dressed in red and white, he was already dressed for it. We add sparkly heart picks, feathers, and ribbons to his bag and draped light pink and white pearl necklaces across his hat. A spring-time brooch fit perfectly on the brim of his hat. Next, we gathered flowers for him to hold in his other hand, along with alittle stuffed teddy bear and I made a big glittery Valentine from vintage lace, wallpaper, and a 1930s Valentine from Mary's great-grandmother. It still wasn't enough. We cut out white felt hearts for his pants and another home-made Valentine for his other hand. Standing in front of Santa, we set a little antique table, covered with Mary's pink sheets. On top, we placed a 100 year old tool box and filled it with bags of treats for the girls to put inside their Victorian cones.

*whew!* I'm even tired writing about it!

The party was lots of fun and I loved seeing the imaginations of these fresh young minds.

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