"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Teaching the Young

I'm not a good teacher.  I'm not gifted in
that area.  I get frustrated and lose patience.
But, something happens when I'm asked to
teach something I love - suddenly, I've got the 
patience of a saint.
 My neighbor, Kyle, was over a few weeks
ago and saw some of my wood
carvings.  To my surprise, he asked
if I could teach him how. 
 For 2 hours he whittled away.
 He chose to carve a knife. 
I would have preferred a snowman
or maybe something for Halloween.
I sometimes forget the way boys think!
 Once finished, he sanded it and 
finished it off with paint.
 And he was so proud of himself!
But I think I was even
prouder of him! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pink and Pretty Carved Santa Spools

Another set of old spools carved
into the likeness of Santa Claus.
This time I decided to go with
a pink color palette.
 Two have hand-dyed
bottle brush trees on top.
 After dying the trees pink, they
were given layers of two shades
of pink glitter.  Then a roll
in some Diamond Dust 
for good measure!
 I stay away from Turquoise - 
but look how well it 
went with the pink!
 I also try to keep the 
original layers on 
as much as possible.
 I think green goes 
so well with pink too.
 Looks like he's wearing 
a pink helmet!
 When the painting's all done I
always like to antique with
Burnt Umber.
 Another Santa with 
a pink tree.
 Isn't he cute?!! 
I found this rounded spool
mixed in with all the rest so
carved it into a Halloween
decoration.  The candle was
carved separately and inserted
in the hole at the top.
 And the spider's web
gives it the finishing touch.
Except for a small 
callous on my finger, I'm
ready for more!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pink Thrift Store Finds

It's been a bad week.  Just a bad week.
So it was not hard talking Ted into taking
a day off from work to go to a teacher meeting
with me and then spend the day together. 
After the meeting we went out for
breakfast and then spent the morning
thrifting.  (I'm so easy to please!) 
Here are some of the finds:
 Loving this pink trash can!
Doesn't it look like a locker?
This is going into Mary's room.
 I also spotted this very pink
Christmas tree.  Oreo's already
chewing on the branches.
 Some very talented Etsy artists use these
 miniature tins to create some 
gorgeous ornaments
and wall hangings.  I may have
to try it out myself.
 Miniature angels - only about 2 inches
high, except for the old Fontanini in the back.
 All playing musical instruments. 
 An ornament and this Nativity stamped
Italy on the back.
 Old Fontanini angel. 
 Probably my favorite - a chippy
chalkware angel, most likely
from Germany.
So glad we took advantage
of the gorgeous day since it looks
like it's about to downpour.
It's extremely rare Ted and I ever
spend any time alone together.
This was definitely a 'God-ordained"
day we both needed.

Monday, October 6, 2014

My hands have been busy
carving the past few weeks.
 Aunt Candy called & told me to send her some
carvings.   There's an old school house where
she lives converted into an antique shop
and she's renting a few shelves.
Knowing how long one carving can take
I decided to send her antique wooden
spools carved into Santa faces.
 A couple little guys to add to
the mix.  The one on the left holds a 
huge chocolate chip cookie.  The one on 
the right has a cookie in one hand and
candle stick in the other. 
 And both forgot to close the
trap door!
Here's a 7 inch Santa wrapped in a 
country Christmas quilt.  These are one
of my favorite things to carve because
it's just as fun to paint the quilt.
He's listed on Etsy for now.
Here's another Santa in a quilt.  
He's holding a Naughty or Nice
List that can be personalized with
all the names of your family 
and friends.  
Having it wrap around his
body allows for lots more names.
He'll either go on Etsy or Ebay.
I like the idea of having 
a personalized carving.  I may 
need to make some more!
Well, I WAS keeping the carvings in
this cardboard box until Oreo decided
to claim it as his own. 
That's ok.  After 13 years of having Blue
at his feet, I think Ted enjoyed the company.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Our Puppy

On Monday we were told you didn't
have much more time.  I naively
thought we still had a few months
or at least a few weeks with you.
On Tuesday we took you to the
park.   You loved those car rides!
The whole time, Ted and I 
wondered how much time we 
had left with you.  
You had trouble seeing.
Ted helped guide you.
Ordinarily, we would have had to
keep you on a leash.  Your hound instincts
would kick in and you'd run like a shot.  
We didn't have to worry about 
that this day.
I'm so glad we gave you 
you this day.
Despite how bad the kids
and I felt, I knew Ted hurt more
than any of us.  Even though I was the
one who picked you out of all the other dogs,
you made it very clear that you 
belonged to Ted.
The sun felt so good on your
face, didn't it, Blue?
Wednesday night we woke up to the
sound of you whimpering.
 We knew it was time.
You trusted us to take care of you.
We wouldn't let you down.
We had ol' Blue for almost 14 years.
I never thought saying goodbye 
to him would be this hard.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Afternoon of Painting

Mary and I spent Sunday afternoon
just painting.
Mary repainted one of her Littlest Pet
Shop animals.  This one is supposed to
look like a cupcake, complete with sprinkles.
I worked on painting some Santas.
The one on the right holds his Christmas
List.  This can be personalized with 
the name of all your family and friends.
 Mary finished hers, but I still
have a long way to go.
There are mini Santas and old spools 
carved with Santa's face.  
Still all works in progress. 
Movin' right along!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Can't Sweep THIS under the rug!

The downside of woodcarving is
the extreme mess it makes!  Wood chips
everywhere.  And there's no containing
them because they stick to your clothes
and travel all over the house.
 But look what emerges after a
few hours.  Makes it all worth it.